January 5, 2010

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Might be a bit light on the fresh content here at Media Ping for a bit as I fire up IrishMediaNation, a new blog at, a top rated site for the global Irish community.  My topic is Media, with an Irish accent, but not such a brogue that you have to be a Mick to want to read it.  The second post is up, a bit of a we working of a tale I already posted here.  Third post is in the works.  Stay tuned and head on over to when you get a chance!

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Black 47 live!

The envelope please….

…and the winner of the IrishCentral music poll for Best Irish American Album of the Decade goes to…Black 47, for “Trouble in the Land,” released in 2000 by the New York based Celtic rock group that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“It was a thrill to have “Trouble in the Land” voted Best Irish-American album of the decade, given that the other nominations were all so merited, and because “Trouble” was released back in 2000,” Black 47’s Larry Kirwan said.  ”Little did we know that the title would be so prophetic; still, it’s gratifying to know that the material has held up.  Hopefully “Bankers and Gangsters” which comes out on March 2nd will have such lasting power.”, a leading website site for all things Irish, reported that the contest drew the biggest response to any IrishCentral poll in any category or on any topic.  For more information about the IrishCentral music poll go to

Black 47 will be back in action in New York for three consecutive Saturday night shows on Feb. 13, 20 & 27 at Connolly’s Klub 45 (121 W 45th St., NYC as well as their big St. Patrick’s Day performance on March 17 at B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill (237 W 42 St., NYC,

Named for the worst year of the Irish Potato Famine 1847, Black 47 is led by Larry Kirwan (guitar/vocals). Host “Celtic Crush” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Kirwan is also a prolific writer whose new novel, Rockin’ The Bronx, will be published by Brandon/Dufour on Feb. 23, 2010.  Geoffrey Blythe (saxophones) was a founder member of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Fred Parcells(trombone) has worked extensively in Latin/Jazz and big bands.  Thomas Hamlin (drums) is a veteran of the Max’s/CBGB’s scene. Joseph Mulvanerty is recognized as one of the great innovators of the Irish uilleann pipes bringing a rare jazz and blues flare to this most traditional of instruments. The newest member, Joseph Bearclaw brings a wealth of funk/R&B experience as well as a dynamic stage presence.

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January 5, 2010


John Lee

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