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Feb. 27, 2010
"Bankers and Gangsters" released this Tuesday!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Bankers and Gangsters" released this Tuesday!

On top of the large handful of other exciting releases dropping in the coming weeks, folks should definitely rush out to buy the new album by Black 47. Bankers and Gangsters, coming two years after their last album, will be released this coming Tuesday, March 2nd.

As may be expected, Bankers and Gangsters holds a great deal in common with 2008's Iraq in that it is pitched at keeping its finger on the pulse of working people. The anger against the bailouts and frustration that exists among ordinary folks runs deep on this album. Listeners will no doubt find a lot to relate to in these lyrics.

And of course, it will feature Black 47's signature blend of pub-rock, Irish folk and blues. Singer Larry Kirwan, a native of Wexford, Ireland, had been fusing these sounds together for twenty years now, and he's obviously quite adept at it. Just in time for St. Pat's, Bankers and Gangsters will no doubt be much truer to the Irish-American experience than most of the plastic bombast guaranteed to come our way.

Check out the album, and keep your eyes on Rebel Frequencies for an upcoming interview with Kirwan.

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