1/12/1992 Maria's Wedding Video
out takes

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On January 11, 12, and 13 of 1992 we shot the Maria's Wedding music video in a loft in the Meat Market section on the west side of NYC. Our band manager was Murad Hirgee. He had hooked us up with Neil Young's manager Elliot Roberts through Elliot's sister Judy. She was actually the coolest in an otherwise bunch of idiots. Then there was the over-paid untalented MTV director, a woman from LA (She had a horse's name - Morgan something?).
As Chris Byrne so aply said at the end of it, "It's a disaster like?" The money was spent and the video never saw the light of day. I used up most of those three days looking out the huge industrial windows, watching the transvestites working the corner where Tommy McNeill's bar Hog 'n' Heifers used to be.
"Just another pothole in the road to ruin."