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Brian McNeill was born in Falkirk  Official web site
Back O' The North Wind No Gods: Music: Brian McNeill Busker & the Devil's Only Daug: Music: Brian McNeill

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Song of the Hammers (Brian McNeill) with Brian McNeill (fiddles) Mark Stone (bodhran)

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Muir and the Master Builder by Brian McNeill - John Muir Exhibit

March 2000 - Older, But Still Useful, What's New
And Debbie Skolnik, who reviewed Brian McNeill's To Answer the Peacock CD, looks at the novel of the same name.

Feast of Fiddles - Brian McNeill

1997 :: Brian McNeill :: Edmonton Folk Festival

Foot Stompin' Celtic Music | Artist | Brian McNeill

Brian McNeill at Temple Records
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2004 Niel Gow Festival

Ceolas: Celtic Fiddle Festival
Celtic Fiddle Festival II

Music at the Campbell Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Whycocomagh Gathering, Celtic Colours 2001

Brian McNeill

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review of T√łnder Festival - Before the break still Brian McNeill with a very beautiful version of "Horses was noticeable for to Courses" and Ron Kavana with one its Songs (title again unknown, its Songs never announces). As drop to nearly each Song there are again and again plays the violin and Guitarrensolos. As professional the present ones are recognize one in addition, to it that with the appropriate Songs also times total "instrumentale silence" does not prevail if additional instrum ents is appropriate. Allan Taylor, Ron Kavana, Brian McNeill and John Sheahan of the Dubliner was coincidentally also to attendance and short hand on the stage was also brought.

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Redwood Cathedral The Edinburgh festival 2003 -- Reviews -- Music -- (M) -- 3 out of 52

Living Tradition CD review of Brian McNeill, To Answer the Peacock

An Interview with Nick Burbridge of McDermott's Two Hours
Your Web site notes that your 'sole published full length fictional work is a political thriller, Operation Emerald, under the pseudonym Dominic McCartan.' Brian McNeil, a Scottish musician with Leftist leanings, published two novels we reviewed, The Busker and To Answer the Peacock, both political thrillers. What was your intent in writing this novel?

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An Drochaid Chliuteach / Crathadh t'aodaich

Drones and Bellows, with Brian McNeill / cdRoots

Feast of Fiddles

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