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Capercaillie  Donald Shaw was a founding member
Hands Across the Water - A Benefit for the Children of the Tsunami
3. Karen Matheson with Donald Shaw, The Duhks and Bryan Sutton - Ae Fond Kiss
This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and is sung here by Capercaillie's Karen Matheson. We met up with Karen and pianist Donald Shaw in January in their native Glasgow and they immediately offered to help. When they sent us the tracks we added our friends the Duhks who spent two days in a studio in Winnipeg, Canada. We also called our buddy Bryan Sutton to come in and add a gorgeous guitar track in Nashville.

9. Beth Nielsen Chapman with Christina Quinn, Bonnie Raitt, Michael McGoldrick and Donald Shaw - Be Still My Soul
Beth was the first person to record a track for us and when we heard it we were afraid to touch this gorgeous piece of music. We knew we needed something exceptional and so we asked Michael McGoldrick and Donald Shaw to help us out. They took time out during a tour of Australia and recorded the flute and accordion tracks in Sydney then transferred all the tracks back to us via the internet.

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Scottish Music Centre
The Scottish Music Centre held their inaugural Composer Session on January 17 with Donald Shaw as presenter. The session was open to both schools and the public.

The Session: Events - Donald Shaw And Charlie McKerron, Gardner Memorial Church

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Capercaillie | Northings
KENNY MATHIESON talks to DONALD SHAW about the band odyssey
    Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw

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City Views Bonn/Bonner Sommer « DPRC - Documentary Photography Rudy Couvreur
Capercaillie performed a sweeping musical open-air spectacle with a lot of fun on the stage at Bonn Marktplatz. The popular celtic band, founded in 1984 by the accordionist and keyboarder Donald Shaw

Living Tradition CD review of Donald Shaw & Charlie McKerron, "Gruth is Uachdar"

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Karen Tweed & Andy Cutting / One Roof Under
Accordionist Karen Tweed and Andy Cutting (melodeon) will release their new CD "Under One Roof" (with Fyasco Records) in mid August 2002. The CD features traditional pieces from Ireland, England, France and Sweden with new works by Chris Wood, Jan Ekedahl, Carina Normansson, Donald Shaw plus Karen and Andy. Guest performers include Ian Carr (guitar) and Martin Green (accordion).

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George Graham Reviews Karan Casey's "The Winds Begin to Sing"
On The Wind Begins to Sing, she is joined by Donald Shaw, of the durable Scottish band Capercaillie, who served as producer of the album and played keyboards.

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Throughout his musical life Donald has been involved in composing for film and TV. In 2000 his 70 minute score for the feature film 'Transition' was BAFTA nominated for best soundtrack and two years later he was rewarded with two Royal Television Society awards for Best Soundtrack and Best Theme in UK television. His composition ‘Harvest’ was performed at the opening of Celtic Connections Festival in 2004. Donald is a founder member of world renowned folk band Capercaillie.

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Karan Casey - reviews
Sing Out, Rob Weir
     Karan Casey's latest solo venture is a thing of rare beauty. It should also dispel any lingering notions that the Celtic genre can contain her. There are but two traditional songs on the eleven-track CD, and she draws from an eclectic group of songwriters for the rest. She opens with a cover of Billy Bragg's "Distant Shore" that is as fragile as antique crystal. Casey's wispy vocals dance in mirror lockstep with James Grant's acoustic guitar, while producer Donald Shaw's accordion fills the background. Casey maintains this quiet balance, even as electric instruments enter the mix. To signal her intent to offer a varied brew, Casey follows by finding the seam between Irish and bluegrass music on a cover of Tim O'Brien's "Another Day," O'Brien himself lending backing vocals. Shaw once again keeps the instrumentation in subdued check, though everything from bouzouki to Wurlitzer organ is feathered into the score. Casey later returns to Appalachian stylings on "The Jute-Mill Song," and her own "Quiet of the Night" would be more at home at a hazy, mellow piano bar than a peat-smoked Irish kitchen dance.
Casey does not abandon her roots, however. On "Lord MacDonald's" she keens and croons in the finest traditional style. This piece is a stunner, with Casey's tongue-twisting lead gorgeously backed by Capercaillie's Karen Matheson, Dezi Donnelly's flying fiddle notes, and tasteful percussion from James Mackintosh and Signy Jacobson. As good as this is, Casey surpasses it on "Bata is Bothar," in which she uses a tape delay to echo her own vocal and uses the cadence of the Gaelic language as its own percussion. It is one of two songs written by John Spillane and Louis de Paor. The other, "Song of Lies," is as heartbreakingly beautiful as "Bata" is exciting. Special kudos go to Donald Shaw for his production work on this album; it is among his best work in years.
Karen Matheson, with Donald Shaw, James Grant and Ewan Vernal Living - People - Who gets your vote?
Donald Shaw
Brought up in Taynuilt, Argyll, at 16 Donald Shaw won the all-Britain accordion championship and while still at school co-founded Capercaillie, with whom he still writes, produces and performs. He composed music for the film American Cousins (2003) and in January 2004 created Harvest for the opening night of the Celtic Connections festival. This year he was appointed the Artistic Director of the Glasgow-based music festival.

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