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Southwind On this album, Glenn Morgan, playing the hammered dulcimer, concentrates on high spirited Irish dances, throwing in an occasional English and Scottish tune. For the most part, the selections are arranged in well-balanced medleys that provide a taste of one tune before moving on to the next. For example, the first cut is a rapid combination of the "Kesh Jig," "Kid on the Mountain," and "Swallowtail Jig." After that, the pace does not let up until the end of the disc with a lovely version of Carolan's, "Si Bheag, Si Mhor."
The ensemble is all strings and percussion, with a fiddle and a cittern backing up the hammered dulcimer. Although this effect is more of a live jam session instead of a formal recording, with this music this effect works. It is easy to imagine hundreds of people clogging to the beat of the bodhran, although the songs are literally played at breakneck speed.

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Glenn Morgan has captivated audiences for over a dozen years with joyous and exuberant performances on the hammered dulcimer. He has a reputation as an accomplished master on this beautiful instrument with its natural sound: delicate and pure, brilliant and forceful. Audiences have enjoyed his performances at such diverse venues as San Francisco's Louise Davies Symphony Hall, Golden Gate Park's Natural History and Benicia's Camel Barn museums and, of course, music festivals, concerts, Renaissance, Irish and Scottish festivals, craft shows, pubs, schools, in programs at state and regional parks and at San Francisco's famed Ghirardelli Square on Fisherman's Wharf.
In addition to his live performances, Glenn has produced four Celtic music albums on his Fishbite Recordings label. With his wife, Alison, he has built a thriving music business promoting dulcimer and other traditional style artists from around the country, publishing a mail-order music catalog, and selling a wide range of dulcimers and related accessories.
Glenn has been active in the community as well, providing performances for hospital patients, community service organizations, and charities.
Glenn is the founder and chairman of the Bay Area Hammered Dulcimer Society, sharing his abilities with aspiring musicians and keeping the joy inherent in this instrument alive. Glenn considers himself sort of a "dulcimer missionary", helping to assure that this once nearly forgotten instrument regains its worthy place as an important, fascinating addition to our musical heritage.

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