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John Doherty

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There are, of course, a number of different strands to the history of fiddle playing in County Donegal. Perhaps the best-known and, in the last half of the twentieth century, the most influential has been that of the Doherty family. Hugh Doherty is the first known musician of this family. Born in 1790, he headed an unbroken tradition of fiddlers and pipers in the Doherty family until the death, in 1980, of perhaps the best-known Donegal fiddler, John Doherty. John, a travelling tinsmith, was known for his extremely precise and fast finger- and bow-work and vast repertoire, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest Irish fiddlers ever recorded. John's older brother, Mickey, was also recorded and, though Mickey was another of the great Irish fiddlers, his reputation has been overshadowed by John's.

The Fiddle Music of Donegal
Johnny Doherty, Master Fiddler of Donegal: Bundle and Go (Green Linnet).
Many of the tunes on this recording are transcribed in The Northern Fiddler.

The Northern Fiddler, by Allen Feldman and Eamonn O'Doherty (Oak Publications, ISBN 0 7119 0682 3), is a very valuable reference. It contains interviews with John Doherty, Mickey Byrne, Con Cassidy and a number of other fiddlers of the older generation in Donegal and Tyrone, and a large number of transcribed tunes as well.

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