• Cubase Audio XT - used to slow down the music while keeping original pitch
  • Dreamweaver Studio MX - HTML/DHTML static content of the pages
  • Visual Studio .NET Enterprise 2003 - the programming enviornment
  • ASP.NET - along with WebForms; used to make the interactive pages
  • c# - the code behind the aspx pages
  • SQL Server - the database along with Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer; I started with Access but ran into multiple user limitations. Next I built the site using MySql. I ended up on SQL Server because it was offered by my web hosting company, HostExcellence.
  • Stored Procedures - behind the DataGrid there are about 80 SQL statements which run as stored procedures on SQL Server; Speed is everything and stored procedures are 7 times faster than 'in the code' text based SQL statements.
  • ADO.NET - the DataGrid on the Search Database page is bound to the database
  • XML - used in the web.config file to tweek application settings and permissions
  • RSS - ASP.Net RSS Toolkit used to display the News and Podcast page
  • IIS - local server to test on; see my article 'Application Extension Mapping' on CodeProject to see how to keep digital products safe
  • Instant Payment Notification - PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) allows you to integrate PayPal payments with your website’s back-end operations. IPN provides immediate notification and confirmation of PayPal payments you receive, allowing you to:
    • Customize your website’s response to customer purchases in real-time.
    • Track customers through the notification’s 'pass through' variables.
    • Automate your fulfillment operations.
    • Store transaction information in your own database.
Rewrote the site in .NET 2.0
  • Tree Control & Bread Crumb - Added the navigation controls that come with ASP.NET. Those controls read from an XML file which is the structure of the site.
    I added code so the tree remembers which nodes you have opened.
  • Repeater - The Search and Stats page now uses an ASP.NET Repeater to display the tune database. Caching is used for the main Dataset. Those pages are faster now.
  • Master Pages - There are three Master Pages which hold elements common to all pages.
    BUG: My DIV tags render improperly in Firefox when the content page referencing the Master Page is not in the root folder.
Fixed the PDF Handler
  • IHttpHandler - PDFs wouldn't open correctly in Firefox and Safari on MAC
  • Code - inside my PDF Handler class

    void ProcessRequest(System.Web.HttpContext context)
    string FileName = context.Server.MapPath(context.Request.FilePath);
    if (FileName !=null && File.Exists(FileName))
    FileInfo objFileInfo = newFileInfo(FileName);
    "Content-Length", objFileInfo.Length.ToString());
                    context.Response.ContentType =
    catch (Exception e)