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Some Good Craic Irish Music Radio show with Mike O'Connor aka DJ Craic Head Mike Irish Music Radio show with Mike O'Connor aka DJ Craic Head Mike
This Wednesday night 6/3/15 at 8 pm EST - Some Good Craic is back LIVE with Special guests The Whistlin' Donkeys .  Members: Fergal McAloon - Lead Vocals, Bodhran Stevie Corrigan - Guitar, Backing Vocals Tómas Quinn - Banjo, Backing Vocals Micky Kerr - Fiddle , Backing Vocals Oscar Bradley - Drums Danny McCormick - Bass, Backing Vocals  We are a lively six-piece Irish Folk Band hailing from Co. Tyrone.
Some Good Craic is back on 5/6/15 8 pm EST with some more tunes from the bands playing at this years East Durham Irish Festival . And I'll be speaking to Broken Banjo Strings and The Narrowbacks . 2 of the bands playing this year. Check out for more info on fest 
Hey Craicheads ! SOme Good Craic is back LIVE on 4/22/15 at 8 pm EST . Memorial Day is only a month away and its time to start getting psyched about it. Festival season is also here and the 38th Annual East Durham Irish Festival takes place May 23 & 24 . This years lineup is great and on the next couple of radio shows I'll be playing lots of music by the bands that will be performing at the ED FEST and chatting to them as well. This weeks show I'll be chatting with Bostons Erin Og(Bobby)  and The Canny Brothers Band (Tom) . Show starts at 8 - Call in number is 714-868-0746 . And the chat room will be up and running. 
On Wdenesday night 4/1/15 at 8 pm Some Good Craic is back LIVE with special guest Ice Wagon Flu - I've seen these guys play many times over the years and they know how to get a crowd going . Kev will be calling in to talk about the band and what they got going on . And i'll be playing some of their tunes . Jonny Ra will be on later in the show as well with the News From The Emerald Isle That'll Make You Smile !!!  Icewagon Flu, where did this name come from? Back in the days when the icebox was the best form of refrigeration, icemen would deliver large blocks ice in horse-drawn wagons. Chunks of ice were placed in the icebox which became the predecessor to the modern day refrigerator. The good-neighbored iceman would supply his frozen goods with a grin on his face and an outstretched hand. Often the unassuming civil servant, would receive an extra “tip” from lonely housewives. And the telltale sign of their secret tryst was a nasty case of “icewagon flu.”"Icewagon Flu plays fast and loose with the traditional songs of our culture, with marvelous results. Nancy Whiskey goes under the sonic knife as a boozy bar maid and emerges as a Riot Grrrl, thanks to crunchy alt-rock guitars and slurred vocal. Fields of Athenrysounds like something REM might chance---should we re-christen it 'Fields of Athens, GA?' Waxie's Darglehas a funky jam-band beat interspersed with pipes and flutes! Imagine that! Off the Wagon takes these beloved tunes into a back alley, roughs them up, and makes them into modern rock gems. 
3/11/15 - 8 PM EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC  - St. Patricks Day special . March Madness continues this week with non stop tunes to get you into the Paddys Days spirit ! Chat room will be up ! Whiskey will be flowing ! Tune in !  Call in number to the show is 714-868-0746 - 
Wednesday night 2/25/15  - 8 PM EST  - Once again Some Good Craic is back with one of the best bands in New York City - NY BROGUE ! Danny Flinn, Andrew Sharp and Matt Stapelton are NY Brogue and have been on the show in the past. I'll be getting a call from the band to discuss the latest tour ,whats in store for 2015 and play some of their tunes . Don't miss it. And dont forget the High Holy Season is alomost here ! March Madness on Some Good Craic starts next week !!!! 
Wednesday night 2/11/15 - 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic is back LIVE - No special guest this week just lots of tunes . Some NEW and some old.   My Dad would have been 80 this week . Gonna play a few recordings i have of him , Got a BRAND NEW song by THE GOBSHITES you're gonna love. Some rebel music by Stephen Dodds and Sullivans Jack to name a few. Thanks to Tony Duggins from the Tossers for calling last week. Got to get to a few more Tossers songs this week that I didnt get to last show. Show starts 8 pm EST.
this Wednesday 1/28/15 at 8pm EST. Some Good Craic is back with Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra . And special guest Tony Duggins from the Chicago Irish /punk band THE TOSSERS .  The south side of Chicago has a tough working class reputation, it’s also known for one of the largest populations of Irish people this side of the Emerald Isle. So it’s not entirely incongruous that a hard luck kid from the south side of town would choose to play traditional Irish folk music in pubs around the neighborhood. At 18, Anthony (T.) Duggins, was doing just that – playing pub favorites and covers of greats like Christy Moore, and Ewan MacColl. Before long his brother and his best friends were playing the original songs he had written as well, and so became The Tossers. The name was taken from an old slang term used for worthless British coins in Sean O’Casey’s play The Plough and the Stars. The coins became useless after the southern Irish Free State won independence from Britain, and started to print it’s own currency. The term tosser has since come to mean wanker, or it’s American equivalent, jag off.
1/14/5 8 pm EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC RETURNS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS WITH ITS FIRST SHOW OF 2015 !  Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra bring you the CRAIC to get 2015 off and running. The News from the Emerald Isle and some of the best Irish Music on the internet. Tune in at 8:00 pm EST on Wednesday Night 1/7/15 - Check Some Good Craic's Face Book Wall for info , and  . All shows are in the archive. There is a chat room each and every week LIVE during the show. 
On Wednesday night 12/17/14 at 8 pm -  5th Annual Christmas Special on Some Good Craic with CraicHead Mike and Jonny Ra Over 2 hours of Irish Christmas Craic  
On wednesday night 12/3/14 8 pm EST. Some Good Craic welcomes back Bangers and Mash for a CD/VIDEO release party . Bangers and Mash have recently released a new CD titled "Quicksand Cafe' " . I'll be chatting with the band and playing some new tunes off the cd . And during the show I'll be releasing the Video for the song "Quicksand Cafe " we shot during the summer. Formed in New York in 2003, Bangers and Mash absolutely refuses to define itself as a "unique blend of fiddle and guitar" or "a cutting edge combination of rock and traditional Irish music."  Make no mistake - they are unique, and they do blend fiddle and guitar, along with bass, drums, vocals and various other noise-making items. However, this is not the ubiquitous "Celtic Rock Band" performing the usual Irish Top 40. Perish the thought! Bangers and Mash is a rare treat... a band of hardworking, talented musicians who perform their own music, their own way. Sure, you might occasionally find a familiar Irish tune dropped into the middle of a rock ballad, and you may even hear something that sounds vaguely like "The Fields of Athenry" now and then. (How "vaguely"? You'll be on the third verse before saying "Wait a minute, I think I know this song!")  What you will hear, from the opening notes of their first song to the last beat of the encore, is original, driving and brilliant songs guaranteed to stick with you the whole way home... and beyond. Songs that make you laugh, dance, think, sing along and come back for more. All delivered in a style that is uniquely Bangers and Mash.  The full-time line-up includes Liam Hudock on vocals, whistle and spoons, Carole Anderson on Vocals and Bodhran, Alexandra Adams on fiddle, Chad Herth on electric lead guitar, Seth Lesselbaum on bass, and Anthony Anastase on drums and percussion. 
On Wewdnesday night 11/12/14 Some Good Craic will be celebrating its 100th Episode with a tribute to Black 47 . Black 47 plays their final show on November 15th at BB Kings in Times Square after 25 years of entertaining the world.     and on this 100th episode Larry Kirwan will be calling in to the show. I'll be chatting with Larry and playing Black 47 tunes all night long. It'll be a 3 hour show with Jonny Ra calling in as well.   Larry Kirwan is the leader, singer/guitarist and composer for the Irish-American rock band Black 47. Black 47 has released thirteen CDs for both major and independent labels. The band has appeared on Leno, Letterman and O’Brien and been profiled in most major magazines and newspapers in the US.  He has written twelve plays and musicals, five of which are collected in the book Mad Angels. Liverpool Fantasy, his best known play, has been produced Off-Broadway and at the Dublin Theatre Festival.  He has also written a novel version of Liverpool Fantasy (translated into Japanese, Spanish and Greek), and a memoir Green Suede Shoes. Rockin’ The Bronx, his latest novel, was recently published in the US and UK.  Kirwan hosts and produces Celtic Crush for SiriusXM Satellite Radio and writes a weekly column for the Irish Echo. A political activist, he has long been involved in Irish and American causes.  His dramatic musical, Hard Times, with re-imagined versions of Stephen Foster songs, was the critical hit of the 2012 First Irish Theatre Festival and will re-open in the fall of 2013. 
wednesday night 10/29/14 at 8 pm est . Some Good Craic welcomes to the show Kathleen Vesey Fee lead singer of Celtic Cross . I'll be chatting with Kathleen about the new CD Saoirse's Heart and playing some tunes from it.  Those who have been around Celtic music in the Northeast and in the NYC area are no strangers to this hardworking band that has been on top of the scene and on every stage since the early 90s.Celtic Cross keeps reinventing, updating and polishing one of the best festival, party and concert acts you will find in Celtic music today. Kathleen Fee is the band’s lead singer-songwriter, front-woman, and driving force.  An accomplished Irish Traditional singer, Kathleen’s voice ranges from silky ballads to the driving rock and pop dance songs that are the band’s hallmarks. You may even catch her dancing a step or two during a performance, showing of her champion Irish step-dancing. With writing credit for Shores of America, Who I Am, Those Were The Days, Going Home on Shores, Kathleen has established herself as one of New York’s established songwriters.  Kathleen sang a sassy duet “Wedding Reel” with Black 47’s infamous front man Larry Kirwan. 
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 10/15/14 AT 8 PM EST. SOME GOOD CRAIC IS BACK WITH FIDDLER TONY DEMARCO !!! Tony DeMarco: Irish fiddler. If that sounds slightly off, you have only to listen to the music on this recording to be cured of any preconceptions about the importance of ethnic purity in traditional music. There may have been a time when Irish music in New York City was played exclusively by Irish immigrants and their offspring, while their Italian neighbors strummed mandolins and sang opera. But the Big Apple really is a melting pot, at least for some of its disparate immigrant elements. Before World War II it really wasn’t very common for Italian and Irish Americans to marry each other. By the 1950s, however, this kind of ethnic mixing was fairly normal in Tony’s native Brooklyn, where the Italians and Irish lived side by side and attended the same parish churches. Tony was born on May 20, 1955, the second of three children raised in East Flatbush by Paul DeMarco and his wife, the former Patricia Dempsey. Paul, a grandson of Italian immigrants, was a teenage lightweight boxing star who turned down an offer to turn pro and work with lightweight champ Paddy “Billygoat” DeMarco in order to pursue a more conventional career on Wall Street. Tony’s maternal grandfather Jimmy Dempsey was a New York City cop and a son of Irish immigrants who married Philomena “Minnie” Fenimore, one of several Italian-American siblings who married into Brooklyn Irish families. Musical ability runs on both sides of Tony’s family. During the Prohibition years, Minnie Dempsey’s Italian immigrant father ran a speakeasy in East New York, where he played the piano and mandolin. Tony’s paternal uncle Louie DeMarco was a singer who performed with 1950s doo-wop groups, including “Dickie Dell and the Ding Dongs.” 
this Wednesday night 10/1/14 at 8 pm I'll be chatting with David McGrath from the band IRELAND - Based out of Boston ,Mass.  Ireland the band.. Formed in the winter of 2013 with the idea of blending all phases of Irish music into a kick ass show.  One person was heard to have said it's like listening to the Wolfe tones jamming with the chieftains.  Irish music is all about the craic and the culture that is infused with every note that's played and sung.  When you attend our shows leave your troubles at the door and come on in.  Your sure to leave with a smile on your face!!!
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 9/10/14 SPECIAL GUESTS ON SOME GOOD CRAIC - LARA HOPE AND THE ARK-TONES  , Hi-Flyin' Rockabilly, Rock N Roll, and Rhythm & Blues. Named #1 band to follow in 2014 by Come To Woodstock Magazine! Biography Recently named the #1 band to follow in 2014 by Come To Woodstock magazine, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones are The Hudson Valley, NY's premier Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock n Roll band. With the recent release of their fully crowd-funded debut album, "Luck Maker", a music video for their single "Whiskey Pick" and a relentless performance schedule, 2014 has proven to be a big year for the Ark-T... See More Description Recently named the #1 band to follow in 2014 by Come To Woodstock magazine, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones are The Hudson Valley, NY's premier Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock n Roll band. With the recent release of their fully crowd-funded debut album, "Luck Maker", a music video for their single "Whiskey Pick" and a relentless performance schedule, 2014 has proven to be a big year for the Ark-Tones! Born from a hybrid of Lara's former Rockabilly band The Champtones, and upright bassist Matt's international Psychobilly act The Arkhams, The Ark-Tones hit the ground running in 2012 with the addition of Chris Heitzman on guitar and Dave Tetreault on drums. This fun-loving bunch packs the dance floor with their own original musical offerings in the vintage style 
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8/27/14 - AT 8 PM EST  -SOME GOOD CRAIC PRE LABOR DAY PARTY .  Featuring the music of The McLean Ave Band , Jamesons Revenge and Kitty Kelly . All 3 bands will be performing at The Blackthorne Resort in East Durham N.Y. this Labor Day Weekend . There will be the usaul Craic . A chat room. Announcements on upcoming gigs. The call in number is 714-868-0746 
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8/13/14 AT 8 PM EST . Some Good Craic is LIVE and will be speaking to Jonny Ra and Paddy Ryan of the Ryans Irish Band. They will be calling in LIVE from RiRa pub in Burlington Vermont where they are performing during their USA tour. No other guest scheduled at this time - just lots of tunes and some news on upcoming gigs around town. 
This Wednesday 7/30/14 8 pm EST. -all new LIVE show with Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra and VERY special guests Celtic Punk Band from Texas THE DEAD RABBITS ,,, Biography Fueled by proper whiskey and Lone Star beer. The Dead Rabbits have emerged as the number one Celtic punk band outta Texas. Charged by the ole songs of Irish rebellion The Rabbits belt out Irish rock with a Texas twist...Give us a listen and let us know what ya think... Cheers to ye! UP THE RABBITS !!!
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7/16/14 - SOME GOOD CRAIC IS BACK LIVE with an all new episode . Jonny Ra will be calling in with The Craic. Last minute putting the show together so there is no scheduled guest. Just great tunes from some of the best Irish bands around. So TUNE IN at 8 pm EST on Blogtalkradio or go to SOMEGOODCRAIC.COM for the link .
This Wednesday July 2nd 8pm SOME GOOD CRAIC is excited to have as musical guest Tom Lanigan . Tom will be calling in to chat and we will play some of his bands tunes for the first time on the show. Biography Tom Lanigan was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to America when he was  sixteen. He grew up developing a great love for both Irish and American music. In the early 90’s, he started the folk/rock band Screaming Under Stars, which went on to open for The Commitments and Black 47. Since then Tom has been working full time, often in a band capacity but he has developed an extensive solo schedule also. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with acts such as Solas, Makem & Spain, The High Kings and Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones. Playing 5 nights a week for the last 10 years from Connecticut to Vermont, Tom has recently played The Canton Irish Music festival, The Worcester Irish Music festival and The Dorchester Irish Music festival. In addition to the countless numbers of bars, theaters and concert halls along the way, Tom has developed a strong following with his unique take on traditional and contemporary Irish music, and his ever growing collection of original compositions. Moving forward, Tom continues to share his passion for Irish music while entertaining audiences throughout New England.
THATS RIGHT EPISODE # 90 - WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6/11/14 8 PM EST. - Live show featuring some of the best in Celtic Rock & Irish Music . Jonny Ra will join me during the show with the News from the Emerald Isle that'll make you smile. Got lots to talk about and a bunch of new tunes to play .The show startts 8 pm sharp- join the chat room for some fun while you listen. Or just listen to the archive version after the show has been recorded- Feel free to call the hotline @ 714-868-0746 - and coming soon an evening with Bangers and Mash ! The premiere of the new cd Quicksand Cafe and the new video produced by SOME GOOD CRAIC !!! Stay tuned !!!
Wednesday 5/21/14 - 8 pm est . Some Good Craic is back LIVE with the annual Memorial Day Weekend Show . This year Black 47 has decided after 25 years they are disbanding. They have been playing to sell out crowds all year during this final historic tour. Where it all comes to an end in November at BB Kings in NYC. Black 47 has also appeared at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham for the last 20 Memorial Day Weekends !!! And this coming weekend will be their last show in the Catskills ! I personally have seen them at the Blackthorne the last 11 years and will be right up front for this final show . So on this Some Good Craic show we honor Black 47 with bunch of tunes and all the rest of the bands that will be performing at the E.D. Irish Fest, The Shamrock House and The Blackthorne . 
This is the full 2 hour + show - for KeenanStrong - the other link had celtic cross on as my first callers and then the show abruptly ended - so i had to reschedule it and this is it.   
On wednesday night 4/30/14 8 pm EST  Some Good Craic will be back LIVE to help promote the KeenanStrong Benefit . I'll be chatting with Sean Ruane and other guest callers about the benefit . Playing some tunes by the great bands who are getting together to help Billy and his family . Billy Keenan is every one of us.     The quintessential model father, husband, friend, soldier, teacher, scholar, musician, and proud Irish American... Billy is someone we all know, or will know. He is like everyone of us.   He has taught our kids, helped so many of our causes, and sang at our churches, parties and weddings.    In September, Billy had the most unfortunate accident down the Jersey Shore while doing what he loves, surfing.  Suffering catastrophic injury to his spinal cord, Billy is unable to use his arms or legs, and requires assistance 24 hours a day.   His friends, family, bandmates, associates, and fellow Irish Americans will not let him down... we will support his family with all our connections, skills, generosity energy, and our love.   Billy would be doing it for every one of us...     #KeenanStrong s an organization 100% dedicated to helping Billy and his family   Every penny we collect goes to them...  Help us help them right now!
Wednesday night 4/23/14 Some Good Craic is back LIVE at 8:30 - Last minute putting this show together after a much needed break. Been archiving stuff to the website so check that out. Not planning on a guest this week just lots of great tunes. Feel free to call in at 714-868-0746 if your band wants to plug a gig. Calls always welcome. Coming soon The Gully Boys from Vermont . The nice weather is finally here and the festival season will be starting soon. Tune in to hear lots of new tunes just released in 2014 . I can now be reached at as well as the FaceBook wall for Some Good Craic. Contact me if your band wants to appear on the show. Thanks , Craic Head MIke
this weeks show- Wednesday night 4/2/14 8 pm est with The Kilmaine Saints  The Kilmaine Saints were first conceived in 2009 by a few members of the Lochiel Emerald Society Pipes and Drums as a means to play bagpipes year round and acquire free beer and pub food. Although the idea of a band was mostly for fun, it quickly became clear that the music scene around them was lacking, and they knew just what it needed. A short time later, the Saints rounded out their crew with a singer from County Mayo, a brilliant fiddler, and an upbeat guitarist, and began pounding through blistering, high-energy live sets that have kept people wanting more. With their love of superior music and complimentary beer, the Kilmaine Saints and their Guiness-soaked hearts have been storming the North East, playing hundreds of shows from small-town pubs to large stage events. In addition to being the go-to band for the Philly chapter of the Dropkick Murphy charity fund (The Claddagh Fund), they have many large Irish festivals under their belt, including Pipes in the Valley, Celtic Fling, ShamrockFest, Annapolis Irish Festival and the Wildwood Irish Weekend, all festivals with attendance in the thousands.          With their passion for creating and performing music, and an ever-growing fan base, it’s a good bet you’ll hear one of the Kilmaine Saints’ songs being played everyplace that pints are raised and the whiskey is flowing. “The enthusiasm of [this] band is contagious; it reaches right into your soul and will get your feet moving and your heart pumping." (The Celtic Crier)
Some Good Craic is back this week with Finny McConnell of The Mahones ! The show is Wednesday night 3/19/14 8 pm EST . And this aint your Granpas Irish music we will be rockin it this St. Patricks Day week . Punk Rockin it !! Irish Punk at its Finest Since 1990! *2012 Independent Music Award Winners for Best Punk Album (The Black Irish)* From an Irish pub to an Academy Award winning movie: The Mahones have come a long way in 2 years! Heralded as pioneers of the Irish punk scene, and internationally recognized as one of the best and hardest working punk outfits around, The Mahones formed on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990, and have been working on their own brand of Irish punk ever since. With a working class ethic and a love of classic punk, Finny McConnell formed the band to combine his love of punk rock and his Irish culture. With 9 classic albums under their belt, the band experienced a tremendous surge in popularity upon the release of their 10th album, The Black Irish. It was voted Best Punk Album at The Independent Music Awards (USA), and the band’s hit song “Paint The Town Red” was featured in the climactic final fight scene of Academy Award winning film The Fighter. The band was determined to follow-it up with an even bigger, better sound. Their 11th studio album, Angels & Devils, certainly rose to the challenge. It was the 2012 winner of Best Irish Punk Album, as voted by leading worldwide Irish Punk authorities Shite N Onions (USA), Paddy Rock Radio (USA), (Ireland) and Vandala Concepts (Canada). It made the top 100 new releases on iTunes worldwide, and the top 10 in Germany.  
THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT MARCH 12 2014 ,8 PM EST. CD RELEASE PARTY WITH 2 GUESTS. THE DRUIDS AND THE CANNY BROTHERS . THE DRUIDS are a 4 Piece Irish Republican Ballad Group based in Kildare In The Republic Of Ireland. The Band were formed In December 2008 and Became a Full Time Working Band on The 9th of May 2009.  The Canny Brothers Band are keeping the Irish tradition alive in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of musical styles the CBB brings a truly unique and spirited approach to Irish music. 
High Holy Season ! March Madness ! part 2 - this week 3/5/14 8 pm est.  I'll be chatting with New York Brogue as they are releasing their long awaited CD this St. Paddys Season . And also we'll chat with Irish Music Legend Sean McGuinness of the Dublin City Ramblers . Anyone want to call into the show and chat or plug your bands gigs call     714-868-0746  Jonny Ra with the news at 9:30 AND NEXT WEEK - THE CANNY BROTHERS BAND AND THE DRUIDS 
Wednesday night 2/26/14 - 8pm EST all new show - Its that time of the year ! The High Holy Season ! March Madness . St. Patricks Month !  I got lots of new tunes to get you in the mood for St.Patricks Day. And the show will be on each and every week in March !!! Jonny Ra is back ! This week I'll also be speaking to India's biggest Irish music lover and 7-11 Tycoon ... Anjeep Patel from Bangalore, India .  
Wednesday Night 2/12/14 at 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic is on LIVE  . I'll be on at 8 pm with lots of music and maybe a couple of special surprise guests calling in . Gonna have the low down on all the upcoming shows . The Rattling Kind from Dublin may be calling in . Waiting to hear back from them .Either way guests or no guests lots of Good Craic !
On wednesday night 1/29/14 at 8 pm Est . Some Good Craic welcomes to the show Paddy Ryan of The Ryans Irish Band and Jonny Ra ! The Ryans are coming to the U.S. and my co-host Jonny Ra will be joing them on the tour. Jon Gillespie ( Jonny Ra ) the comedian/news reporter on Some Good Craic and Paddy Ryan will be calling in to talk about the tour,the music, the CRAIC ! The Ryans are a well known act on the Irish Scene. The Band turned professional in February 2011 and has since, performed in many countries worldwide.  We are Irish Band, Consisiting of Father and Son on most nights (occasionally we have guest artists with us). Instruments played at performances are Guitar, tennor and G-banjo, Tin whistle, and many more.  Touring: Touring predominately in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. But we also do a few tour outside the Celtic-Anglo Isles, such as several tours in USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. 2012-2013 Winners best duo + best new irish music Album!!!!! 2011-2012 runners up best DUO and Winners of the BEST NEW IRISH BAND in irish music!!!! 2012-2013 Winners best duo + best new irish music Album!!!!! (Awarded from the Irish Music Association)  
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 1/15/14 - SOME GOOD CRAIC welcomes Emish to the show. We will also be talking to their manager John Ryan . New York natives, Emish, have forged their own Americana folk rock sound by colliding a background of Irish, rock, and folk influences. This independent, power-folk band initially found success in a grassroots manner. Supported by their dedicated fan base, Emish has repeatedly been voted the “Best Band of the Hudson Valley” and are the current title holder for 2012. Bobby Curreri has also been named as the”Best Singer/Songwriter” for the past two consectutive years. Since it’s inception in 2005, the group has grown to include support from the national stage as well. Their high energy, live performances and distinct sound have catapulted Emish to be a sought-out headlining act at major festivals and concerts across the US, including the likes of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Folk & Irish festivals, as well as, the more intimate setting of theaters or small concert settings.  John Ryan manages Emish, Dublin City Ramblers and the Winters Brothers .
TONIGHT 8 PM - THURSDAY 12/19/13 - THE XMAS SHOW WITH Pat McGuire  - originally scheduled for 12/18 the show had to be re-scheduled due to technical difficulties . So tune in tonight and hear some new tunes from Pats brand new CD " HUNGER IS GOOD SAUCE part 1 " and some Christmas tunes as well  
Wednesday night 12/4/13 8 pm EST Some Good Craic welcomes direct from London " The Craicheads " !!! Music and an interview with Mick O'Beirne . The popular London Irish band release Brewed in London on 20th December 2013 When two Irishmen, an Englishman, a Frenchman and a Bulgarian all walked into a bar, no one could have predicted what would happen next. Those guys were The Craicheads – one of London’s hardest working bands – and the bar was Wards, the inspiration for “Take Me Back To Harrow”, one of the tracks on their debut album Brewed in London. After honing their craft in venues across the capital, the popular five-piece have now captured the fun and energy of their live set on record. A collection of original tracks and covers performed in The Craicheads’ inimitable style, Brewed in London is a reflection not only of the band’s rise through the London pub scene but also the diverse backgrounds of its members, who were brought together by their love for playing great music. Charismatic lead singer Mick O’Beirne belts out the tunes with power and passion, Ben Gunnery (fiddle/whistle) and Tim Eyles (guitar/mandolin) handle the lead role to devastating effect, and Olivier Atila Aslan (drums) and Stefan Marinov (bass) hold it all tight together at the back, driving the songs forward with an irresistible groove. 
Some Good Craic is back this Wednesday night 11/20/13 8 pm EST .        with 2 SPECIAL GUESTS !!!  First at 8:20 we will chat with Russell Como singer songwriter from Brooklyn .Checkout his new CD title "Pinkys" and then at 9 pm we will chat with Young Wolfetones singer guitarist Peadar O'Hici -
Wednesday night 11/6/13 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic welcomes back to the show Andrew Sharp from the band NY Brogue. They have a new cd coming out and we'll be chatting with Andrew about it and getting a little sample from it.  "New York Brogue isn't a band (well, alright; it is now). It isn't me, it isn't you, and it isn't a song. It's everything. New York Brogue is the sessiun in the corner of the local pub on McLean. It's the drunk guy swaying home with too much booze and not enough money, pouring the verses of Danny Boy from out of his drooling mouth. It's the little girl you pass by in Woodlawn, humming along to the tune of Athenrye playing in her head. It's the cry of pride coming out of the young man's mouth on stage as he drills out the lyrics of Sean South. The feeling you get in your eyes, your heart, your stomach, your throat, and your soul when you walk into a bar and the sound of a fiddle shifting out the sound of The Boatman. That's New York Brogue."
Wednesday night 10/23/13  - 8 pm EST .    Some Good Craic welcomes back to the show Fred Parcells . I'll be playing some tunes and interviewing Fred . He was my guest on the very first Some Good Craic radio/interview show . Episode 1.   In addition to publishing online over 1700 transcriptions of Irish music performances, Fred also maintains the Black 47 Archive featuring photographs and press from the early days of the band. Fred Parcells Trombone and pennywhistle
Some Good Craic is back this week on THURSDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 10th - 8 pm EST.  - yes not Wednesday ....Thursday ! With my special guest Terry McCann from the T.McCann Band and MacCana .  The TMcCannBand is an eclectic group of gentlemen musicians.  They are known for their lively stage shows and their song & tune catalog reflects a fresh take on traditional Celtic music. 
Wednesday 9/25/13 - 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic is Back . With Episode # 70 . Playing the best in Irish Rock . I'll be getting to a bunch of Black 47 songs this week with the band announcing last week that they will be disbanding in November of 2014. 
on 8/28/13 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic welcomes 2 guests to the show . 1st I'll be chatting with John Rafferty singer/songwriter from Brooklyn . And I'll be playing some tunes off his CD titled "LUCKY "  - And then I'll be chatting with Erin Inglish who has just released  - The long-anticipated pin-up style calendar and showcase album of female five-string banjo artists! 
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8/14/13 8 PM Some Good Craic welcomes -THE INDULGERS      
Wed. 7/31/13 - 8 pm - Some Good Craic is back No scheduled guests at this time . Just lots of tunes. NEW and old . Feel free to call into the show at 714-868-0746 to plug your bands gigs . Reached out to a few bands this week and setting up future interview shows . But tonights show will just be alot of Craic. Last minute guests on the show  -The Bloody Irish Boys
Wednesday night 7/17/13 - 8 pm Some Good Craic welcomes The Narrowbacks Hometown: Pearl River, NYGenres: Rock / Folk-Rock / Irish AmericanaMembers: Seamus Keane, Barry Walsh, Fionn McElligott, Pat Keane, Chris Moran, Mike Moran nar·row·back /'næro??bæk/ [nar-oh-bak] –noun Slang. 1. Disparaging. an Irish-American. 2. a person of slight build who is unfit for hard labor. The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. The Narrowbacks: American First, Irish Always.  
Wednesday Night 6/26/13 Some Good Craic welcome back PS ROCK to the show . Show starts at 8 pm est.  Based in Rhode Island PS Rock is James Power , Adam Helmer ,Ken Kingsbury , Jason Mottle PS ROCK performs tons of celtic rock covers from the 80's 90's and now and also ageless traditionals. Along with originals that will keep any audience singing and dancing for hours .   FOR BAND BOOKING AND MORE INFO  or 401-369-4541
This Wednesday night 6/5/13 8 pm EST. my special guest will be The Brothers Flynn . The Brothers Flynn are Bill and Tom Flynn, two brothers of Irish descent and founding members of the former Celtic band Flynn529. As a duo, and as part of Flynn529, they have been entertaining audiences and fans within and beyond NY's Capital Region since 2004 with their acoustic, eclectic musical mixture of Celtic, folk, rock, blues & originals. They’re at home playing in the coziest pubs as well as sharing festival stages with acts such as The Young Dubliners, Enter the Haggis, Rathkeltaire, Greenwich Meantime, Black 47 and Hair of the Dog . With The Brothers Flynn, it's simply all about the music, the songs and the craic..! You can always expect an enjoyable evening where you just never know who else may stop by and sit in!
Wednesday Night 5/22/13 at 8 pm - The 3rd annual Some Good Craic Memorial Day Weekend Special. Featuring music by all the bands playing in the town of East Durham,N.Y. that weekend . Music by bands playing the festival in town and bands playing the bars at night till the wee hours of the morning. ALSO < an interview with Joe BEARCLAW Burcaw ....Bassist from Black 47 !!!
On Wednesday night 5/8/13 8 pm A very special show with GAEL FORCE ART and RAY COLLINS .  Ray is a Irish folksinger-songwriter from Belfast City in Northern Ireland. His musical roots are embedded in the rich ballad tradition of his native land. And the famous Muralists and artist Gerard "Mochara" Kelly who has travelled the length and breath of the Island of Ireland, carrying out Gael Force Art's  work. Through out the Troubles Gael Force Art was there, expressing the Culture, in a time when sadly, it was under constant attack from other parties. The Creative Director, Mo Chara, has himself been involved with many projects in the United States, and indeed, received much praise for this. The City of New York has present him with an official council endorsement through the awarding of the Proclamation of the City.
Wednesday Night 4/24/13 at 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic welcomes Chris Byrne to the show . Chris Co-Founded Black 47 with Larry Kirwan in 1989 . Started the band Paddy A-GoGo with Eileen Ivers and Pat McGuire and released the acclaimed album Keep It Reel  . He went on to form  the band Seanchai and The Unity Squad and now a Trad Band called The Lost Tribe Of Donegal. I'll be speaking to Chris and playing some of the new tunes . Oh yea and there will be some older tunes during the show I'm sure . And Jonny Ra will be back once again with The News From The Emerald Isle That'll Make You Smile !!! DON'T MISS THIS SHOW !!! IT'LL BE SOME REAL GOOD CRAIC !!!
Wednesday night 4/10/13 -8 pm EST .  Another new episode of Some Good Craic # 60 . I have been under the weather for the past 4-5 days and didn't schedule a guest for this week. In fact I was thinking of not doing a show at all because of how I feel . I have an upper respiratory infection and sinusitis and feel like shit. But when I got the news on Monday of Margaret Thatcher's death I knew the show must go on. So I will do my best .... And Jonny Ra will be getting some extra time to talk about Maggie and bail me out since it hurts to speak . The show starts at 8 pm EST
All New Show LIVE - Wednesday night 3/27/13 @ 8 pm Some Good Craic welcomes direct from Northern California James Hill of the Blackeyed Dempseys . BlackEyed Dempseys are Rebel Irish music! BLACKEYED DEMPSEYS FLAWLESSLY BLEND THE IRISH TRADITION WITH POWER PACKED PUB PUNK. THEIR SHOWS ARE A ROCKING CELTIC EXPLOSION HIGHLIGHTED BY MUSICAL FIREWORKS AND SKIN TIGHT PERFORMANCES. Biography: BlackEyed Dempseys Name your band after one of the greatest fighters in Irish history and you'd better be prepared to crank out some musical fisticuffs and all bets are off showdowns. That's exactly what BlackEyed Dempseys do and why they are fast becoming a favorite in the Northern California music scene. Now they are bringing their punk-Irish-vision to ever increasing audiences. BlackEyed Dempseys blend traditional Celtic playing skills with rock 'n' roll hooks. Ní uasal aon uasal ach sinne bheith íseal: Éirímis. The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise! Tiocfaidh ár lá, BlackEyed Dempseys ™ - Accept No Substitute!
This Wednesday night 3/13/13/ 8 pm EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC  welcomes Ronan McManus from The BibleCodeSundays to the show  . Ronan will be calling in from England to talk about the Band and the Drive2Survive Charity ! The band started out as ‘Slainte‘, originally formed by Ruairi and Kieran MacManus, Ronan’s brothers, before being joined by Ronan and other brother Liam, playing traditional Irish music. Slainte grew and evolved, with many musicians joining the band as part-time members. Simultaneously, Ronan and other band members had started to write original material for other bands they had started or joined. Over time, the line-up settled down to include Ronan, Andy, Enda and Paddy with Joe Moran (flute and vocals, who’s place in the line-up was subsequently taken by Kian in 2009. Other band interests quickly faded and writing and performing their own material became the band’s focus. It was in 2006 that the band changed their name to The BibleCode Sundays – at the time, the band were playing back to back gigs every Sunday in small pubs full of hard-drinking Irishmen – “…we used to have to join them in their drinking just to get through the gigs because they were so crazy!” – Ronan. And so, the band would routinely find themselves up in the small hours talking, usually about conspiracy theories, including the so-called Bible Code, which refers to an encryption in the Torah believed by some to prophecy future events (e.g. the assassination of John F. Kennedy). These drink-fuelled discussions would happen every Sunday around 4am, and hence became known as BibleCode Sundays…
Wednesday Night 2/27/13 - 8 pm EST Some Good Craic welcomes Gerry Diver to the show . WHAT IS SPEECH PROJECT? Speech Project is an album of new compositions by Gerry Diver featuring exclusive spoken word contributions from Shane MacGowan, Damien Dempsey, Christy Moore, Martin Hayes and Danny Meehan. Archive interviews from Joe Cooley also feature in the compositions. WHY THE TERM ‘SPEECH PROJECT’? The music is derived from the melody and rhythm of the spoken words. Naturally, all spoken words has pitch and rhythm inherent within them. Whilst the music borrows from Irish traditional idioms the album is by no means traditional.Using Irish trad ‘snippets,’ Amercian 20th century forms glued together with some of the best known voices in Ireland the music was graciously described by one of the interviewees as ‘a kind of folk minimalism on the cutting edge of folk crossover’ Whilst listening to a recorded interview of the late great accordion player Joe Cooley, Gerry noticed that the voice sounded like it was in the key of B flat minor and there also seemed to be a slip jig rhythm to Joe’s voice. Gerry put the interview into his apple mac and teased out the faint ‘pitch’ tones and rhythms in Joe’s voice …these musical hues formed the basis for two new pieces’ When in New York’ and ‘Old Time Musicians.’  Christy Moore immediately agreed to collaborate on the project inviting Gerry over to Dublin where Gerry spent some time interviewing Christy at his home, with the agreement that whatever was captured would be turned into a musical composition. Subsequent get togethers and interviews with Shane MacGowan, Damien Dempsey, Martin Hayes and Danny Meehan have given birth to more tracks.
All new show on Wednesday night 2/13/13/ with long time friend Sean Griffin from The Ruffians calling in . Been a couple of years since last seeing him. We'll find out what he's got going on. Wednesday night 8 pm EST 2/13/13 I also have some recordings from the last Sandy Seisiun held at An Beal Bocht in the Bronx . In a downtown Irish pub in New York City, 1998, The Ruffians were formed. Brothers Sean (guitar, vocals, bodhran) and Dan Griffin (bass, b vocals, bones) joined creative forces with Jerome Morris (drums, percussion), and Kevin Meehan (button accordion) to create the kind of energy associated with bands like The Pogues, The Dropkick Murphys, Blur, and Flogging Molly. The Ruffians are accompanied by some of the areas finest traditional players. Sean plays guitar and handles the singer/songwriter duties as well as most managerial duties and bookings. He’s a dirty, filthy pirate, but we love him anyways. His writing depicts the joys and sorrows of being human, and his working class sensibility can relate to Irish, English, and Americans alike. You can find him at most bars in NYC, as well as some traditional seisiúns in the Bronx.
This weeks radio show is 1/30/13 at 8 pm Est . 8 pm - 10 pm . I'll be getting in the mood for another Sandy Seisiun . Which takes place on Friday Feb 1st at An Beal Bocht in the Bronx 8pm. -  Jamesons Revenge, Larry Kirwan , Mary Courtney and many more . The Sandy Seisiun is a concert series by Irish musicians helping to raise money for  the coastal communities affected by  Hurricane Sandy , Jonny Ra will be on later in the show with the News !
On Wednesday night 1/16/13 8 pm est. Some Good Craic welcomes a couple of Johns to the show . 1st I'll be interviewing John Walsh guitar player from the band Jamesons Revenge. John has just released his 2nd solo cd titled "Aris" . He is a truly talented acoustic guitar player , singer/songwriter/music producer . I'll be playing some of his new tunes . Also on the show ... Irish Boxing Great John Duddy ! "The Derry Destroyer " ! Middle weight champ ! John has retired from boxing and makes his home in New York . John will be starring in a play titled "FOR LOVE "  which makes its premiere in Ireland and the UK in April of 2013 . He is also starring in the brand new BON JOVI video "Because We Can" which will be released on 1/15 the day before my interview with him . Don't miss this one !!!! Its gonna be SOME GOOD CRAIC  for sure on 1/16/13 . And of courese Jonny Ra will be back with the news from the Emerald Isle !
Wednesday Night 1/2/13 - 8 pm - The first show of the NEW YEAR 2013 !!! Tonight on SOME GOOD CRAIC  My guests will be New York Brogue . Started in 2007 by Danny Flinn as a "seisiun-based" concept project, hoping to bring the energy, passion, and carefree feeling of a New York Irish seisiun to an organized show, the making of the EP "Bury Me on McLean" brought Flinn together with Andrew Sharp and Matt Stapleton, two other local seisiun players. By the release of the EP in 2008, the project had solidified as a trio, but culminated in the same ideal; to bring the feel of an Irish-American seisiun to the stage. With Flinn's powerful vocals, delivering a mixture of classic and lesser-known ballads with contemporary songs of many genres; Sharp's passionate and essentric playing over a variety of instruments, covering a wide array of traditional tunes; and Stapleton's vibrant and soothing guitar and harmonies, NYB became a steady presence in bars throughout the Tristate area for the next two years. After a two-year hiatus, New York Brogue performed as the final act at the Blackthorne Resort's Labor Day Festival 2012, in East Durham, NY. After an overwhelming reception to their return to the stage, the Boys of the Brogue decided to make 2013 their year, returning to the studio for a new EP and possible full-length to be released later in the year, as well as a slew of shows throughout the tristate and festivals during the summer. For booking information, please contact
Wednesday night 12/19/12 at 8 pm - Its a Craic Head Christmas !!! Lots of great Christmas tunes to get you in the spirit . SPIRIT !!!!  I highly reccommend you drink LOTS of SPIRITS while listening to this show . Santa Claus will be calling in from the North Pole -  Jonny Ra will be telling his version of "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS " . Father Mike from The First Church of the Bloody Death and Discount House of Worship will be calling in . Musical guests include Paddy Ryan and The Canny Brothers. Don't miss this one . 12/19/12 8pm
This week - 12/5/12 8 pm  - on Some Good Craic  I will feature some tunes I recorded at The Sandy Seisun Benefit - A great job done by Irish Musicians helping the Irish communities affected by Hurricane Sandy . On Dec. 1, 2012 - over 900 people entered  the door of Connollys Klub 45  in Times Square and over 25,000 dollars were raised . An excellent job done by all . Connollys , Sean Ruane , Jamesons Revenge, Girsa ,Broken Banjo Strings , Lost Tribe of Donegal , Celtic Cross and The Mickey Finns . I'll also be playing lots of other stuff ....LOL !!!
On Nov. 21 at 8 pm I'm broadcasting my 50th LIVE EPISODE  !! It will be part 2 of the last show The Sandy Seisun and Sean Ruane . I had a lot of music I wanted to play and didn't get to . So we got some catching up to do ! The Sandy Seisun is being held at Connollys Klub 45 in Times Square on December 1st . It features The Mickey Finns, Jamesons Revenge , Broken Banjo Strings, Girsa ,The Lost Tribe of Donegal and Sean Ruane as MC. Many special Guests in the house as well. The Sandy Seisun is a benefit to help the victims of Hurrican Sandy in our area . If you want to call in to the show the number is 714 868-0746
On Saturday December 1st there will be a night of Irish Music to help benefit the coastal communities of New York affected by Hurrican Sandy . Its called  "The Sandy Seisun " and will be held at Connollys in Times Square . On this weeks radio show I welcome Sean Ruane as my guest . Well known in the NY Irish community Sean Ruane will be the Master of Ceremonies for The Sandy Seisun . So listen in on 11/7/12 at 8 pm -for SOME GOOD CRAIC with Sean Ruane .
Wednesday 10/24/12 - Some Good Craic welcomes BANGERS AND MASH to the show . The show starts at 8 pm est . Jonny Ra will be back  during the show with the News from the Emerald Isle that'll make you smile. Formed in New York in 2003, Bangers and Mash absolutely refuses to define itself as a “unique blend of fiddle and guitar” or “a cutting edge combination of rock and traditional Irish music”. Make no mistake – they are unique, and they do blend fiddle and guitar, along with bass, drums, vocals and various other noise-making items. However, this is not the ubiquitous “Celtic Rock Band” performing the usual Irish Top 40. Perish the thought! Bangers and Mash is a rare treat… a band of hardworking, talented musicians who perform their own music, their own way. Sure, you might occasionally find a familiar Irish tune dropped into the middle of a rock ballad, and you may even hear something that sounds vaguely like “The Fields of Athenry” now and then. (How “vaguely”? You’ll be on the third verse before saying “Wait a minute, I think I know this song!”) What you will hear, from the opening notes of their first song to the last beat of the encore, is original, driving and brilliant songs guaranteed to stick with you the whole way home... and beyond. Songs that make you laugh, dance, think, sing along and come back for more. All delivered in a style that is uniquely Bangers and Mash.
THIS WEDNESDAY 10/10/12 at 8 pm Máirtín de Cógáin is a singing, dancing, story-telling bodhrán player who also is a noted playwright and actor. He performs in his native Ireland and all over the U.S…. and between and beyond, too! An infectious personality, Máirtín pleasantly commands the attention of any collection of people, from a concert hall to an intimate porch. Descended from a long line of storytellers and with two CCÉ All-Ireland's for Storytelling under his belt, Máirtín gets no more joy out of life than the telling of stories.  If you are lucky enough to catch him spinning a few yarns, you are in for a treat.   When touring the globe with The Máirtín de Cógáin Project & The Fuchsia Band, Máirtín is also a true promoter of the Ballad. He is searching ever for those forgotten songs of old to give them new life, and also writes some of his own.  Máirtín learnt from many famous Irish singers such as Danni Maichi Ua Súilleabháin, Séamus Mac Mathúna, and Ciarán Dwyer. A fluent speaker of Irish (Gaelic), his love of the 'Teanga na Gael' stems from his parents, who brought him up in a bilingual house and sent him to primary & secondary schools taught in the medium of Irish.  Máirtín then earned a Degree in the Irish language from University College Cork.   Máirtín is threading the boards as an actor, most notably in the film The Wind that Shakes the Barley.  He has co-written many productions with the Be Your Own Banana Theatre Company, recently playing De Bogman off-broadway in NY. 
Wednesday night 9/26/12 8 pm THE CRAIC IS BACK with another 1/2 way to Patty's day party ! Interview with Bridget Burke and Rico Suave - Theres been lots of Irish events happening all over the past couple weeks and there are some more coming up. Like the Joe BANJO Burke festival, Gavins Guinness festival,  Long Beach Irish Day ,  just to name a few . So I'll be playing some tunes from a bunch of the bands that are making it all happen. Jonny Ra is on his honeymoon in Ireland , but who knows , MAYBE  we'll even hear from him with the News from the Emerald Isle that'll make you smile !!! Live from Ireland . ohh yea !!!! And on October 10th I'll have a very special guest ..... Mairtin de Cogain  !!! Mark that one on you calender . 8pm . Don't forget to create a screen name to join the chat room and LIKE the Face Book Page for SOME GOOD CRAIC !!!!!
Wednesday night 9/12/12 8 pm - my next guest on Some Good Craic will be Padraig Allen of The McLean Ave. Band . Padraig is one of the finest singer/songwritters out of Ireland . Catch one of his shows and you will witness the incredible energy that Padraig and McLean ave. band turns out . After spending 8 years as the lead singer and bass player for The Whole Shabang , toured with great groups like The Prodigals, The Dublin City Ramblers, Foster and Allen, McCabes, The Mickey Finns, Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones he has moved along setting up his new group McLean Avenue . Their sound has its own distinctive mix between old Irish folklore and the rock pop Celtic Music of today .
  Boston's Erin Og, based in Boston Ma., possibly the most Irish city in the USA. Boston's" Erin Og" translates to Young Ireland and with good reason, BEO is the next generation of Irish ballad groups.  BEO continues the legacy of Irish music left to the world by such great bands of the past as the Dubliners, Wolfetones, and Clancy Bros. .           Known in the past as "Boston's Irish Rebel Band". BEO sang and continue to sing the songs of Irelands struggle through 800 years of oppression. They have since broadened their repitoire to included all aspects of Irish folk music.               (They say the wars over, but we still have hope)                     Together BEO have united the best of Boston's Irish music scene, mixing fiddle, tin whistle, driving acoustic guitar rythms, and powerful vocal harmonies, a veritable tour-de-force of Irish Folk music.                     BEO have covered a lot of ground in thier relatively short time together, traveling the length of the USA, from being featured in an episode of the international hit TV show "Ghost Hunter's" in Paddy Rielly's in Manhattan to an eight gig stint in "Ri Ra Mandalay Bay" Las Vegas. BEO continues it's foray into New York City and all over New England with monthly gigs, and will surely be coming to your town soon.  BEO's rollicking performance, and soulfull ballads should not be missed, they draw the audience in and make everyone a part of the band.
Wednesday night  - 8/8/12 Some Good Craic welcomes the one and only Kitty Kelly to the show .The show starts at 8pm Kitty Kelly is a second generation Irish American whose grandparents came from Donegal and Galway. Her love for all things Irish and in particular Irish music, song and dance was nurtured from her time spent at her grandparents’ respective Irish resorts in East Durham, New York, the small hamlet affectionately known as the 33rd County. Kitty sang professionally with several Irish bands before forming her own band nine years ago. In 2008 her first CD “Catskill Fever” was released. The CD features well-known Irish musicians Joanie Madden, John Nolan, Buddy Connolly, Jerry O’Sullivan, Eamonn O'Rourke, Gabriel Donohue and many others including her brothers, father, cousin and uncle and has garnered favorable reviews from all who have heard it. Kitty is currently working on her next CD. Kitty and her full 5-6 piece piece band play Festivals, Dances, Clubs, Concerts and Weddings throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and Ohio. They are noted for their high energy, impressive instrumentation, stand out vocals and harmonies.
This Wednesday July 25 at 8 pm Some Good Craic welcomes Derric Keane from Bostons best Irish folk band Inchicore . Inchicore takes its name from the district of Dublin where founding member, lead singer and guitarist Derrick Keane hails from. Founded in Boston in the group is also composed of Tom Miller (New York) on vocals & bass, Damon Leibert (CT & Nova Scotia) on fiddle and vocals and is also frequently augmented by additional traditional instrumentalists. Jonny Ra will be back with his Craic Attack news segment once again...
The Catskills Irish Arts Week is coming up July 15 th - 21st . And on Wednesday night 7/11/12 at 8pm  SOME GOOD CRAIC with Craic Head Mike is gonna tell you all about it . Paul Edward Keating will be calling in to fill you in on the details . Its an amazing experience for lovers of Irish music and for Irish Musicians of all ages and all skills . Music lessons , singing lessons, dancing lessons throughout the week by the best teachers in the world . So head up to The Catskills next week and check it out..
This week I'll be interviewing direct from California SHAMROCKABILLY BAND !!!  "CRAIC HAUS " ... It'll be a rocking night on Some Good Craic and Jonny Ra will be back during the show with the news . Craic Haus rocks and mix a little Irish into Rockabilly . The show starts at 8 pm . 6/27/12  Dont miss it.
The Canny Brothers Band are keeping the Irish tradition alive in the heart of Brooklyn, N.Y. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of musical styles the CBB brings a truly unique and spirited approach to Irish music. They will be guests on tonights show. The show starts at 8 pm on 6/13 . I'm also doing a news segment for the first time during the 2nd half of the show called Jonny Ra Presents. I'm sure it'll be SOME GOOD CRAIC.
WEDNESDAY MAY 23rd At 8PM - Some Good Craic Irish Radio Show will be featuring music by the bands who will be invading East Durham , N.Y. The Irish Alps this coming weekend .  Every Memorial Day weekend Thousands gather in The Catskills  for the East Durham Irish Festival . And the local pubs also bring you some great entertainment during the weekend. Plenty of places to stay in town whether you are looking for a room or want to camp - Some of the entertainment featured , Black 47 , Shilelagh Law, Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfetones, Jamesons Revenge, The Canny Brothers, The NarrowBacks , BibleCode Sundays , BarleyJuice , Kilrush, Hair of the Dog, Searson , The Fenians , Twenty Six and Six, Falls Road, Broken Banjo Strings , Kitty Kelly , Tommy Flynn, and many , many , more .
This Wednesday May 9th , 8pm during my show I'm paying tribute to my " Old Man " , Brendan O'Connor who passed away on April 24th. I'll be playing some of his music , telling some stories , my Sister Kerri will be reading from a journal that he wrote in called " A Fathers Legacy " . I'll be taking calls at 714- 868-0746 from friends and family who want to share some of their stories about him . It's sure to be SOME GOOD CRAIC ! If you knew my Father you know what I'm talking about . 8pm 5/9/12
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 4/18/12 8 PM " SOME GOOD CRAIC " Welcomes Damaris Woods and Derek Warfield to the show . Damaris is recognized as one of the best banjo players of our time - Shes won more musical awards than even she can count . She is a sought after music teacher and studio musician and has just released her first solo CD " With a Banjo on my knee " . Also joining us is Derek Warfield . A historian, singer, songwriter, mandolin player and former front man for the legendary Wolfe Tones for over 38 years and now with the young Wolfe Tones Derek still amazes audiences world wide.
Wednesday Night 4/4/12 at 8pm an all new show . My first guest of the evening will be Mr. Catskills Peter McKiernan . Then after 9 -  I will be talking to -  2 of New York City's Finest ! Brendan O'Connor and Mike MIlne from Band On The Rum ! Live from their gig down in the Myrtle Beach area . I've also  loaded some tunes that have never been played during the show before . So it should be Some Good Craic for sure !!!
Celebrate St. Patricks day this Wednesday night 3/14/12 at 8pm with Craic Head Mike and Shilelagh Law . Lots of great tunes in store . Join the chat room by creating a screen name with Blog Talk Radio . It's free . St. Patricks Day happens to be my 50th Birthday so you can be sure there will be some MIGHTY GOOD CRAIC this week !!!
I decided last minute to add another show. This Wednesday 3/7 at 8pm. Open mic night . Attention all bands ! Feel free to call in and promote your upcoming gigs! 714-868-0746  
This week we welcome Geoff Blythe sax player from Black 47 to the show . Geoff was an original member of Dexy's Midnight Runners and has also played with Elvis Costello and The Attractions. Tonight we feature Geoff's new project - GI Blythe . The show starts at 8 pm wednesday 2/29/12 . Geoff will be my first guest of the evening and then we will speak to Tim Sanphy from Kilrush and listen to some new music Tim has been working on.
For my first show of 2012 ,  I welcome Falls Road and The Narrowbacks to the show . I'll be talking to the bands and playing some of their tunes . Along with the usual CRAIC ! February 15 , at 8 pm is show time  ! Tune in and join the chat room for some extra CRAIC ! Based out of the Finger Lakes region, Falls Road takes their traditional Irish roots and combines them with their American contemporary rock experience to create a fusion of Celtic, gypsy-funk, and rock music that will keep you on your feet the entire show. Performing all over the Great Lakes region through the North East and down the coast, at various festivals and pubs all along the way, your best bet to catch a show is usually right around the corner. Keep an eye on their posted schedule and come out and share a pint or two with the band! Slainte!   The Narrowbacks - The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. The Narrowbacks: American First, Irish Always
It's been a year now since my first radio show . A 40 minute Christmas show which had over 100 hits . A half hour wasn't enough though so I had to do a second show which for some reason got over 500 hits ! And most in January !!!  So I thought this was cool and decided to sign up with BlogTalk  for 2 hour shows. Get some muscial guests play some music and have some FUN ! Or as we say here , Some Craic ! I figured I would do it for 3 Months and end it with a St. Patricks day bash. But that didn't happen. The shows kept coming . This radio thing was fun. The people in the chat room all got to know each other and were having fun with it . So I kept it going . But all good things must come to an end and this Christmas show will be the last show . So listen in on Wednesday the 21st at 8 pm . As we wish everyone a Merry Christmas Craic Head Mike Style and say goodbye to Some Good Craic .  Peace
I want to thank all the following bands and musicians for making 2011 ...some GREAT CRAIC !!!  Jamesons Revenge, Dan Folkers , Fred Parcells, Peter Walsh, Richie Ramone, James Power, Finns Fury, Canny Bothers, Dublin City Ramblers, Ground Plan ,Kilrush, Bangers and Mash, Gobshites and Seanchai . And thanks to everyone whoever drank in the chat room. Lets do it again ! I'll play a bunch of music from all these bands and take some calls. So tune in at 8pm on Thursday December 15th . One more Irish show before the Christmas finale !!!  
It's been a few weeks since the last show , so I've put together a show that should make up for It. Wednesday night 11/2/11 at 8pm we welcome Boston's one and only THE GOBSHITES ! Thats right ! I'll be playing Songs your Da got pissed to , songs you've never heard them do on stage , some rare demo's , songs that will be on their next album which is going to be recorded in Ireland with Richie Ramone of The Ramones and Cait O'Riordan of The Pogues . Some Meat Depressed . And more ! Members of the band will be calling in live during the show .  Don't miss this one . And wear your beer goggles ! Join the chat room now ! Don't wait till last minute to sign up ! Its free
This weeks radio show ( 8pm - 10/5 )  I'll be playing some tunes by the late Joe Banjo Burke as we get ready for this weekends 5th annual Banjo Burke Festival in East Durham , New York.  Also, Joe's wife Bridget will be calling in for a LIVE interview to tell you all about the festival, workshops, games and concerts. This weekend is also The Gavins Guinness Irish Festival featuring Girsa , Jamesons Revenge, Kitty Kelly and more . And lastly  The Blackthorne Resort has 2 great bands as well. Twenty Six and Six and The Canny Brothers .  I'll play some music from as many of these bands as I can squeeze into the show
The  " SOME GOOD CRAIC " RADIO SHOW will be back  on the air this Wednesday Sept 28th at 8 pm . Featuring the bands that will be bringing the best in Irish Music to Long Beach , New York this Saturday Oct. 1st, at the annual Long Beach Irish Day Parade . Festival starts Sat. Oct 1st at 10 am , Parade at 12 Noon . Bands playing the local pubs featured on the radio show will be , Jamesons Revenge, Shilelagh Law, Seanchai , Finns Fury and Black 47 . 5 of the best bands around all playing in the same town on the same day .... Don't miss it !!!
Ok , Everyone knows I celebrate St. Patricks Day all Year ! But tonights show we are celebrating St. Patricks Day cause we are 1/2 way there ! 6 more months !!! Wednesday Sept 14th , 9PM ... THATS RIGHT ! 9 PM.  I'll be playing some of the best bands in Irish music . Also some bands I havn't played on the show before . Join The chat room and join the fun with the regular listeners as we CHAT and DRINK to some great Irish music....
Hurricane Irene has left her mark -  Now its time to get the Labor Day Weekend Party started . This weekend is The Blackthorne Resort Celtic Festival . Black 47, The Gobshites, Dublin City Ramblers , Comedian Brendan Grace , Kitty Kelly, Willie Lynch, McLean Ave Band, Andy Cooney, Bagpipers, Step Dancers , vendors and much more....
OK ! So last weeks show was lots of fun ! CRAIC ! GOOD CRAIC !!! Thats what the Irish say when they have GOOD FUN !! GOOD CRAIC !! And the CRAIC was mighty last week. So was the Tullamore Dew ! And the Heineken's ! There was lots of great music by Shilelagh Law, Black 47, Jamesons Revenge , Seanchai , BarleyJuice, Seven Nations, And more . DJ CraicHeadMike was in rare form . This weeks show will feature much more from these great bands. I'll try to remember to do the giveaway ! And stay awake . The Hunter Mountain Festival was great. Gonna play some music from a band caled Mother Grove . Good Stuff . Hey ! And Labor Day is almost here !!!! You know what that means !!!!
22nd show on wed. 8/17 @ 8pm will feature some more great Irish Music and the usual "CRAIC " . Coming up this weekend is the Hunter Mountain International Celtic Festival . Shilelagh Law is the headline this year and I'll be playing a bunch of their music. Also another radio contest during the show where someone will win a free weekend stay at The Blackthorne Resort in East Durham. Make sure to create a profile and join the chat room during the show . It's always "SOME GOOD CRAIC " . WARNING ...WARNING ... THIS SHOW CONTAINS LOTS OF BAD LANGUAGE!! GET ME A BAR OF SOAP !! HEY , ITS SOME GOOD CRAIC ! THE SHOWS ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN . I HAD A LITTLE TOO MUCH THIS EPISODE . SORRY IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. TRY A DIFFERENT EPISODE INSTEAD .
Friday 9pm 8/5/11 coming at you LIVE from The Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, N.Y. James Power from P.S. Rock and The Gobshites joins Craic Head Mike for some Irish/Celtic music madness.  Jim will co-host the show which for sure will be SOME GOOD CRAIC! 
This is the big week in the town of East Durham , New York . Its Irish Arts Week . For 1 week every year in July musicians come from all over to do what they love the most ... play Irish music. The best teachers and entertainers get together to teach serious fans of traditional Irish music to sing , play and dance . There are live sesiuns throughout town all week . I'll be playing some trad this show . Also from Brooklyn N.Y. , The Canny Brothers will be making their 1st appearance at The Blackthorne Resort this Friday night to wrap up the Irish Arts Week . I'll be playing some of their music as well. 8pm 7/13
Wednesday Night July 6th @ 8pm , Craic Head Mike is on LIVE with another show featuring some Celtic Rock by Finns Fury , The Canny Brothers Band , Seanchai and The Unity Squad , Black 47 , Bangers and Mash, Jamesons Revenge, Girsa , Shilelagh Law , The Ruffians , The Gobshites and much more ! Another listener will win a free weekend stay at the Blackthorne Resort . This show is for all you Craic Addicts out there !!!
This week my special guests will be Finns Fury . I'll be interviewing members of the band and playing some of their music. Finns Fury will be at The Blackthorne Resort July 8th and 9th for the Blackthorne's first Fire Fighters Weekend ! There will also be much more music as always on the show. Don't miss this interview ! Sign up with Blogtalkradio for a free screen name to the chat room and try to win a free weekend stay at The Blackthorne Resort . 
This weeks show is Live at 8:30 pm on Wednesday June 15th . Featuring some great Irish Trad from Girsa and Jamesons Revenge . A LIVE  interview with Seth Lesselbaum from Bangers and Mash as well as some great tunes from his band . Also Some Urban Celtic Fusion Rock from the band Finns Fury !!! Another contest during the show where someone will win a free weekend stay at The Blackthorne Resort in East Durham . And lots more music and CRAIC !!! Don't be shy , join the chat room . Create a screen name . Its free !
Great weekend up in East Durham for Memorial Day. Here some more from all the bands that made it all happen. Call in to the show or join the chat room with your stories. Another Blackthorne weekend giveaway during the show. Show starts 8 pm wednesday 6/1
Wednesday Night  - 5/25/11 @ 8pm . "Some Good Craic " will be playing some great Irish music from many bands that will be in East Durham for the Holiday Weekend.- Black 47, Derek Warfield, The Gobshites, Kilrush, Shilelagh Law , Jamesons Revenge, Padraig Allen, Biblecode Sundays and more. Also my first radio contest during the show. Someone will win a free weekend at The Blackthorne Resort .
Its sad news that Furlongs has closed their doors and at the same time good news that the GAA games will continue on in East Durham at The Blackthorne. This winter a bunch of campers got together at Furlongs with the band Kilrush and had a fabulous weekend ! This show I will be playing Kilrush LIVE at Furlongs as recorded by my friend James Power . Its 70 minutes of Kilrush followed by SOME GOOD CRAIC !
This Episode of Some Good Craic we have Sean McGuinnes from THE DUBLIN CITY RAMBLERS   calling in all the way from Ireland as we play songs off their new CD "20 Great Irish Ballads , Rebel Songs & Instrumentals . Also a band who's music has been lost to many listeners for many years GROUND PLAN . Sisiters Andi and Fionnghuala Leahy formed the band in 1983 along with Eileen Ivers and Caesar Pacifici . They will also be calling in as guests on "Some Good Craic". Early show this time 7 pm start with Sean calling in from Ireland .
Wednesday 4/27 8 pm . All new show featuring more from the new Jamesons Revenge Cd  "while yer up ". Plus some of the new and some of the old bands that play at the Blackthorne Resort . Padraig Allen, Wille Lynch , Black 47 , BibleCode Sundays , Tommy Flynn , Seven Nations , Gobshites , Kilrush , MacCana , Kitty Kelly and more . This weekend coming up will be the first weekend The Blackthorne will be open after rebuilding . Come to the Blackthorne and party with The Nugent Association .
Easter is this Sunday, and it happens to fall on April 24th this year . This is the same date that 95 years ago began the Easter Rising in Dublin City . April 24 , 1916 . On this show I will be playing some songs to commemorate the Irish patriots who were executed because of their stand for Irish Freedom . 2011 also is the 30th anniversary of the Long Kesh Hunger Strikers . We remember these Patriots as well . 
Jamesons Revenge has a new cd being released very soon Its called While Yer Up They are having a huge CD release party at Connollys Club 45 in Times Square on June 11th 9pm But CraicHeadMike is going to give you the World Premiere of some of these tunes on Some Good Craic Wednesday at 8pm Also more from bands like Tommy Flynn and the NY showband Shilelagh Law Peter McKiernan The Gobshites and The RyansIrishBand from Ireland
Parts of show pre-recorded . Live in Bayridge Brooklyn with the Canny Brothers Band following the Bayridge St. Patricks Day Parade . Live music and an interview . Also some more Irish music . Show will be on live and I'll take calls . 8 pm wednesday 3/30
This is my St. Patricks Day show - Lots of great Irish Music . 2 bands , Bangers & Mash and Kilrush call in live to the show. Music from some bands that played at ShamrockFest and More . New Gobshite music as well ! Become a fan of show to get news on new shows.
The St. Patricks Day Season is upon us. Its March Madness ! Time for SOME GOOD CRAIC to be live once again. Feel free to call in to the live show.1-714-868-0746 Tuesday 8pm - 10pm. Get your IRISH up !! Some great tunes scheduled.
"LIVE " From THE BLACKTHORNE RESORT !!! Pat Floody, Biblecode Sundays,Dereck Warfield, Dublin City Ramblers, Eamonn Ryan, Gobshites, Tommy Baz,Kitty Kelly, Midnight Image, Celtic Cross, Kilrush, Black 47, Peter , Thunder Ridge, Tommy Flynn, Jim Power, Whole Shabang, Willie Lynch
This is the Craic Head Mike Super Bowl Secial. So listen to this Hip Hop show during Half Time and turn off the sound on your TV. This is The Black Eyed Peas alternative ! Listen before your Super Bowl Party or during your Party . While your drinking your beer and eating wings. Listen anytime ! This show is pre-recorded . No live calls and I won't be in the chat room. 4:30 pm feb.5th
This episode of "Some Good Craic" is going to feature music from some bands playing out of the NYC area . Seanchai And The Unity Squad, Shilelagh Law, Jamesons Revenge , Black 47 , Canny Brothers, Finns Fury, The Ruffians and more. So join Craic Head Mike from 8 till 10 pm for some good Craic.
Here's where you'll find some good "CRAIC" with some of the best musicians in the New York area . 8pm Tuesday January 11, 2011 ... This episode features Trombone player Fred Parcells from the band "Black 47" . Also from Celtic rockers "Kilrush" Bass player Daniel L. Folkers . Just back from his tour of Ireland .
This how will be completely different . I'm not drinking . More music from The Ruffians, Shane MacGowan, Biblecode Sundays, The Gobshites, Seven Nations and more .
A Christmas show featuring some of my favorite bands such as : Seanchai , The Gobshites , Shilelagh Law, The Ruffians, Seven Nations, The Pogues, Joe Banjo Burke and more ....