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TARA2007 - Doublin' - Paddy Glackin & Paddy Keenan

On this record we play tunes which we have played together for years at sessions. Some of them we have inherited from our families, others we have learned from other musicians around Ireland. What we have tried to achieve on this record is to bring out on disc the essential ruggedness and spontaneity of the music, which accounts for some of the musical imperfections. Making this record has been a pleasure and a most enjoyable experience for both of us. We hope you enjoy. for Doublin' by Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan - Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

Paddy Glackin

Paddy Glackin & Paddy Keenan Doublin'

Reviews 2000-2001

On Doublin’ both Paddys share top billing. There are number of outstanding sets on this album. The hornpipe set The Plains Of Boyle/Cronin’s is a hair-raiser. On the former in particular, the intricacy and accuracy of the ornamentation is exemplary. Paddy Keenan’s solo rendition of the reel The Bunch Of Keys is an inspiration – equally as important an element of his recorded work as his playing of Garrett Barry’s/The Bucks of Oranmore on the Bothy Band’s Live BBC Recordings album.

The version of The Dublin Reel enables Pay The Reckoning directly to compare Paddy Keenan with Liam O’Flynn, who plays the tune on Planxty’s “Cold Blow and the Rainy Night” album. The verdict? Well let’s just say that both are fine recordings of a fine tune. If Pay The Reckoning would rather listen to the Keenan and Glackin version then that is no reflection on Liam!

Keenan’s magnificent version of Roisin Dubh is, for Pay The Reckoning, the album’s other key highlight. Pay The Reckoning has always been fond of Keenan’s approach to slow airs on the pipes and this is no exception. The decision to record the tune was undoubtedly risky. It has been used so often in so many settings to suggest an atmosphere of pathos that it’s on the cusp of cliché. But Keenan has managed, single-handedly, to rehabilitate it.

Those familiar with the Bothy Band’s output will prick up their ears at The Salamanca, The Bucks of Oranmore and Garrett Barry’s, all of which appear on the album.

The Session Recordings - Doublin' by Paddy Glackin And Paddy Keenan

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