Albums containing the performances used for the transcriptions
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Album Label Catalog
25th Silver Jubilee Collection GTD HC 140
9 Irish Traditional Champions Play 16 Of Their Best Tracks Outlet COX 1023
A Small Island Ossian OSS 70
A Week in January Shanachie 65005
Afterhours Green Linnet CSIF 3016
Airs Of Ireland Outlet COX 1035
All In Good Time Green Linnet GLCD 1125
American Special Tara 4TA 4001
Atlantic Bridge Tara 4TA3019
Autumn Apples Ossian OSS 64
Bakerswell Claddagh 4CCF 20
Best Of Horslips Traditional Irish Rock Music Outlet COAS MOO 21
Black 47 Gig
McGee's Pub NYC 10/2/1989
Black 47 Gig
Napper Tandy's Brooklyn NY 2/2/1990
Black 47 Gig
The Emerald Pub NYC 2/9/1990
Black 47 Gig
Paddy Reilly's NYC 7/7/1990
Bonaparte's Retreat Claddagh 4 CC 20
Bundle & Go Green Linnet GLCD 3077
Camp House Ballads Mulligan CLUN031
Carolan's Cup Dargason DM 102
Carolan's Favorite Claddagh 4 CC 28
Carolan's Receipt Claddagh 4 CC 18
Celtic Dreams Dargason DM 107
Celtic Harp: A Tribute to Edward Bunting RCA 09026 61490-4
Celtic Hotel Temple CTP 027
Ceol na nUasal Gael Linn CEFC 015
Champions Of Ireland Banjo RSE RSEC 016
Champions Of Ireland Concertina RSE RSEC 035
Champions Of Ireland Flute RSE RSEC 013
Champions Of Ireland Tin Whistle RSE RSEC 012
Classics Of Irish Piping Ossian OSS 68
Cold Blow And The Rainy Night Shanachie 5SHAN 79011
Cosa Gan Bhroga Gael Linn CEFC 111
Crosswinds Green Linnet CSF 1077
Dance Tunes EMI ISRM 006
Dermot Byrne Hummingbird HBCS0007
Ding Dong Gael Linn CEFC 016
Dog Big And Dog Little Claddagh 4CCF 51
Don't Mind Walking Green Linnet CSIF 3071
Doublin' Tara 2007
Drops of Brandy Topic 12TS287
Each Little Thing Grapevine GRAMC226
Eagle Tavern NYC 9/18/1989    
Eagle Tavern NYC 10/16/1989    
Eagle Tavern NYC 10/23/1989    
Eagle Tavern NYC 11/20/1989    
Feadoga Stain Shanachie 5SHAN-79006
Field Recording Chris Byrne 1990    
Field Recording Chris Byrne 9/29/1992    
Field Recording John McIlduff 8/4/1992    
First House In Connaught GTD HC 075
Fluters Of Old Erin Viva Voce 002
Groundwork Green Linnet GLCD 1132
Gusty's Frolicks Claddagh CC17
Hibernia Woodenship 806
I Know My Love Fiesta FMC 1737
Ireland's Whistling Ambassador The Pennywhistler's Press PWCS80001
Irish Heartbeat Mercury 834 496-2
Irish Times Special Delivery SPDC1033
Irish Traditional And Baroque Gael Linn CEFC 150
Irish Traditional Fiddler Outlet COX 1006
Irish Traditional Folk Songs And Music Ossian OSS 76
Irish Traditional Music And Song Outlet COX 1038
Irish Traditional Music Meet The Champions Outlet COX 1026
Kilkelly Green Linnet CSIF 1072
Many Happy Returns Dara C 080
Master Irish Fiddle Player Ovation OVA 503
Mise Eire (I Am Ireland) Shanachie 34004
Mo Chairdin Gael Linn CEFC 155
Moving Hearts WEA IR458387
Music From Sliabh Luachra RTE MC 183
Music in Trust Temple CTP 022
Musical Ireland Shanachie 79042
Old Hag You Have Killed Me Green Linnet CSIF 3005
O'Riada's Farewell Claddagh 4CC 12
Out In The Night Mulligan CLUN 057
Out Of The Wind, Into The Sun Mulligan CLUN 13
Out To An Other Side Tara 4TA 3031
Paddy Keenan Gael Linn CEFC 045
Pennywhistles From Heaven Green Linnet CSIF1049
Planxty Shanachie 79009
Reacaireacht an Riadaigh Gael Linn CEFC 010
Road map Of Ireland Outlet COAS3014
Sa Gaiety Gael Linn CEFCD 027
Seamus & Terry Shannon The Traditional Way GTD HSMC 021
Sharon Shannon Solid Records ROCC 8
Shifting Gravel Green Linnet CSIF3084
Sidewaulk Green Linnet CSIF 1094
Skin & Bone Green Linnet GLCD 3075
Solas Shanachie 78002
Southwind Traditional Celtic Music on the Hammered Dulcimer Fishbite 1987
Stand Easy & Preview Temple CTP 052
Take A Bow Ossian OSS 5
Take A Chance Tara 4TA3004
The Banks Of The Shannon Green Linnet GLCD 3082
The Best Of De Danann Shanachie 5SHAN 79047
The Best Of Irish Piping Tara 4TA1002/9
The Big Squeeze Green Linnet CFIF 1093
The Blood Is Strong Grampian TV GPNC1001
The Bothy Band 1975 Mulligan CLUN 002
The Celtic Fiddle Festival Green Linnet GLCD 1133
The Chieftains 4 Shanachie 5SHAN 79024
The Chieftains In China Shanachie 5SHAN 79050
The Complete Irish National Anthem Outlet IRB 1937
The Crooked Rose Tara 4TA3028
The Crystal Spring Early Light EL 3304
The Fertile Rock Clo Iar-Chonnachta CIC 110
The Fire Aflame Claddagh 4CCF 30
The Irish Hammered Dulcimer Ossian OSS 83
The Morning Dew RSE RSEC004
The New Penny Whistle Album Green Linnet CSIF1013
The Newcastle Fishing Disaster Of 1843 Outlet COAS3010
The Pipering Of Willie Clancy 2 Claddagh 4CC 39
The Pure Genius Of James Morrison Shanachie 5SHAN33004
The Session Celtic Note CNMC1001
The South Wind's With Raymond Smyth & Brogue RSE RSEC 011
The Trip To Cullenstown Claddagh 4CC55
The Well Below The Valley Shanachie 5SHAN 79010
There's A Buzz Temple CTP 010
Tin Whistles Claddagh 4CC 15
To Welcome Paddy Home Shanachie 79061
Traditional Dance Tunes And Airs Ossian OSS 52
Traditional Irish Music From County Clare Eamonn Cotter CAEC 001
Traditional Irish Music From County Clare Featuring Martin Vaughan GTD HC 086
Traditional Irish Music Played On The Concert Flute GTD HC 031
Traditional Music of Ireland Shanachie 29020
Up And Away Gael Linn CEFC 103
Warming Up Green Linnet GLCD 1135