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Disc Green Linnet
GLCD 1072                Mick Moloney, Robbie O’Connell and Jimmy Keane –
Kilkelly (1988)
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Written by Peter Jones, an Irish-American who lives in Washington, D.C. Based on letters received by his great-grandfather, John Hunt. The original letters were written by schoolmaster Pat McNamara. Recorded by:
Moloney, O'Connell & Keane on "Kilkelly" (1988)

Lyr Req: Wedding of Lottie McGrath/Lachlan McGraw


Oh, it's of a few verses I'm now going to prattle
The night I got into a terrible battle
As sure as me life it was me on my mettle
The night of the wedding of Lottie McGrath

Araby gourt (?) was a terrible tear
Me and McGrath, me mother was there
And if I get caught up in the wheels of a train
I may never go to a wedding again

Well the first to come in was old Mrs. Russell
She couldn't sing well so she started to whistle
And somebody gave her a belt in the bustle
The night of the wedding of Lottie McGrath

The last to come in was old Jim McGinty
He stood in the door and he started to shinty
He took up a poker and sure he killed twenty
The night of the wedding of Lottie McGrath.

Araby gourt was a terrible tear....

From Moloney, O'Connell & Kane, Kilkelly album.
Green Linnet CSIF 1072.

Liner notes state "a variation on the Irish washerwoman"

Robbie O'Connell - Reviews

He began releasing albums on the Green Linnet label in the early '80's, all of which have been well received. The title track of a 1987 album,Kilkelly, was voted best LP track of the year in Ireland. The song, which is distilled from letters written to an immigrant son who never made it back to the old country will be used in his current show, which focuses on the Irish experience in America.

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