12/7/1990 London Brixton Academy

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Home of the Brave  (Larry Kirwan)

Free Joe Now  (Larry Kirwan/Chris Byrne)

Funky Ceili  (Larry Kirwan)

Patriot Game  (Dominic Behan)

Elvis Murphy  (Larry Kirwan)

Paddy's Got A Brand New Reel  (Larry Kirwan)

Land of DeValera  (Larry Kirwan)

Here we are opening for the Pogues in London. The crowd is yelling, "We want Shane! We want Shane!". At 35:20 in 12-07-1990.mp3 Larry yells, "Special thanks to the $ssholes in the front row, $uck you" while introducing the last song.

Larry Kirwan -
guitar and lead vocals
Chris Byrne - uilleann pipes background vocals
Fred Parcells - trombone tin whistle
Geoff Blythe - sax
Pierce Turner - keyboards