Black 47 Gig Tapes
1989 - 1990

Home Of The Brave  The first album cover

10/2/1989 NYC McGee's Pub   Black 47's second gig

12/1/1989 NYC The Emerald Pub

1/12/1990 NYC The Emerald Pub

2/2/1990 Brooklyn NY Napper Tandy's  Banks of the Hudson world premier

2/3/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's First Paddy Reilly's gig  Green Card first recording

2/4/1990 Bronx NY The Pheonix

2/9/1990 NYC The Emerald Pub

2/24/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's

3/10/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's

3/16/1990 NYC Palladium  Opening for the Pogues first gig with a full band and real drums

3/17/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's  Liverpool Fantasy first recording

4/14/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's  Funky Ceili world premier

6/6/1990 Quincy MA Nostalgia  Open for Paddy Reilly

6/9/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's  Black 47 first recording

6/23/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's  Free Joe Now first recording

7/7/1990 NYC Paddy Reilly's  Tricolor Dream world premier

12/6/1990 London Borderline  First recording with Geoff Blythe

12/7/1990 London Brixton Academy  Open for the Pogues   Thanks Shane For a Wonderful Memory Larry Kirwan December 14, 2023

Here are all the mp3 files from the pages above. If you find flaws in an audio file, contact me.
4/6/2006 Black 47 MP3 Audio Files
Stats: 37 files 961 MB Total time 23 hours
10-02-1989.mp3  45:16min 31,838 KB
12-01-1989.mp3  13:31min 12,687 KB
01-12-1990a.mp3 22:49min 16,050 KB
01-12-1990b.mp3 22:48min 16,040 KB
02-02-1990a.mp3 42:11min 29,677 KB
02-02-1990b.mp3 45:36min 32,077 KB
02-02-1990c.mp3 45:37min 32,091 KB
02-03-1990a.mp3 45:58min 32,332 KB
02-03-1990b.mp3 44:44min 31,468 KB
02-03-1990c.mp3 41:20min 29,074 KB
02-03-1990d.mp3 24:30min 17,240 KB
02-04-1990a.mp3 22:42min 15,969 KB
02-04-1990b.mp3 22:40min 15,951 KB
02-04-1990c.mp3 22:30min 15,826 KB
02-09-1990a.mp3 45:51min 32,250 KB
02-09-1990b.mp3 44:34min 31,347 KB
02-24-1990a.mp3 46:13min 32,506 KB
02-24-1990b.mp3  9:52min   6,950 KB
03-10-1990a.mp3 42:39min 29,997 KB
03-10-1990b.mp3 35:24min 24,898 KB
03-10-1990c.mp3 46:15min 32,530 KB
03-16-1990.mp3   35:16min 24,804 KB
03-17-1990a.mp3 47:08min 33,147 KB
03-17-1990b.mp3 47:06min 33,125 KB
04-14-1990a.mp3 39:11min 27,558 KB
04-14-1990b.mp3 46:35min 32,771 KB
04-14-1990c.mp3 39:56min 28,089 KB
04-14-1990d.mp3 22:25min 15,778 KB
06-06-1990.mp3   41:18min 29,056 KB
06-09-1990a.mp3 46:26min 32,655 KB
06-09-1990b.mp3 35:03min 24,661 KB
06-23-1990a.mp3 43:08min 30,295 KB
06-23-1990b.mp3 44:09min 31,050 KB
07-07-1990a.mp3 47:08min 33,149 KB
07-07-1990b.mp3 47:05min 33,121 KB
12-06-1990.mp3   40:55min 28,784 KB
12-07-1990.mp3   40:40min 28,603 KB