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In 1991 when Paddy Reilly's was on 28th and 2nd, Steve signed the back of these free passes for pre-Black 47 Paddy Reilly's regulars so they wouldn't have to pay a cover charge.
Thanks to Maura for posting this.
This is the first Black 47 All Access Pass. Murad Heerjee our manager at the time made it so we would have something official to wear as the opening band on some of the bigger gigs we were getting.
Friday March 15, 1991
St. Patrick's Other Ball - Morning Star/ Pierce Turner/ Speir Mor/ Black 47 at The Village Gate in NYC.
Sunday March 17, 1991
The First Annual St. Paddy's Day Celebration with Morning Star and Black 47 at SOB's in NYC.
Thursday February 27, 1992
Mulcahy's San Diego CA
Friday February 28, 1992
Nomads Santa Monica CA
Sunday March 1, 1992
Old World Festival Hall Huntington Beach CA

We did these three gigs with The Young Dubliners, Gael Force Winds featuring John Breen and The Fenians from Orange County
Friday March 13, 1992
In between the Pogues and the Popes, Shane MacGowan played a gig at Tramps in NYC. We served as his backup band. The gig was billed as "St. Patrick's Other Ball".
Sunday June 7, 1992
Fleadh in Finsbury Park, London
Friday June 26, 1992
Black 47 and Morning Star at Symphony Space hosted by Vin Scelsa of Idiot's Delight on K-Rock
August 1,1992
Tipperary Féile Tipperary Ireland
All Access pass
There was a traffic light set up on the stage facing the band. 5 minutes before the end of your set time it changed from green to yellow. Once it went to red you were charged £100 every minute.
August 2,1992
Springhill, Belfast Ireland I remember walking after the gig with our sponsors to the homes we were crashing in that night, surrounded by young British soldiers with rifles trained at our heads the whole way while our Irish friends name-called them unmercifully. I thought, "OK. I get it now".
March 17, 1993
Black 47 at The Ritz in New York on St. Patrick's Day with drum machine, Thomas "Hammy" Hamlin on percussion, Dave Conrad on bass, Chris Byrne on uilleann pipes, Geoff Blythe on sax, Fred Parcells on trombone and Larry Kirwan on guitar and lead vocals.
April 24, 1993
Live, Farm Aid VI 1993
Ames Iowa
Black 47 - Maria's Wedding (Live, Farm Aid VI 1993)
April 24, 1993
Live, Farm Aid VI 1993
Ames Iowa
Black 47 James Connolly (Live, Farm Aid VI 1993)
Funky Ceili
May 8, 1993
Hoboken NJ
When we hit the stage, police chief goes nuts
What the hell am I gonna do with 30, 000 drunks
He say, "Stop the music, I'm in charge"
Then he goes and he shut down all of the bars
Green Suede Shoes
Kiss Me I'm A Black 47 Fan
EMI Records Group
SBK Records
December 15, 1994
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence RI
All Access pass
This was a benefit for the club.
May 17, 1995
Lilac Festival Rochester NY
All Access pass
August 18, 1995
Milwaukee Irish Festival Milwaukee WI
All Access pass
September 1, 1995
Black 47 / The Gobshites / Ice Wagon Flu / The Ruffians / Jackdaw
The Blackthorne
East Durham NY
Black 47 animated logo with World Trade Towers
Black 47 Logo
Animated Tri-color fist logo with World Trade Towers background.
Black 47 outside Paddy Reilly's circa 1997
Black 47 outside Paddy Reilly's
Black 47 poster for the Guinness Fleadh at Randall's Island in NYC on 6/14/1998
June 14, 1998
Poster for the Guinness Fleadh at Randall's Island in NYC
October 27, 2000
Gran Rex Buenos Aires Argentina
All Access pass
November 17, 2000
Music of the Rivers Festival Jacksonville FL
All Access pass
September 5, 2003
Alexandria, VA
by Patrick Borst
Artist Information

Geoffrey Blythe - Tenor and soprano saxophone
Andrew Goodsight - Bass and vocals
Thomas Hamlin - Drums and percussion
Larry Kirwan - Lead vocals, Stratocaster
Fred Parcells - Trombone and pennywhistle
Joseph Mulvanerty - Uilleann pipes, flute, bodhrán

Black 47 espouses an unblinkingly political and thoroughly Irish form of rock 'n' roll, with songs covering topics from the Northern Ireland conflict to civil rights and urban unrest in contemporary New York. Black 47 earned their chops playing the pub scene in Manhattan and self-producing their first indie record, Black 47, before converting The Cars' Ric Ocasek to the cause and gaining mainstream attention with their second album, Fire Of Freedom. The band has produced nine albums to date.


BLACK 47 (BLK Records 1991)
BLACK 47 EP (EMI/SBK Records 1992)
GREEN SUEDE SHOES (Mercury Records 1996)
LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY (Gadfly Records 1999)

TEN BLOODY YEARS (Shanachie Records 1999)
TROUBLE IN THE LAND (Shanachie Records 2000)
ON FIRE (Gadfly Records 2001)
NEW YORK TOWN (Gadfly Records 2004)

The old Badu only fresh and new - Music - NJ.com
February 29, 2007
PROTEST ROCK: "Iraq" Black 47 (UFO)

Black 47, the New York-based Irish-rock band with a routinely raucous sound, turns it attention to the war in Iraq on its new album, "Iraq." Songs were inspired by the evening news, and by stories from fans of the band who have served in the military.
"Hey, President Bush, what are ya doin' to us?/We've been through hell, man, it's time we went home," sings frontman Larry Kirwan in "Stars and Stripes," which borrows its melody from the folk song (popularized by the Beach Boys), "Sloop John B."
"Ballad of Fallujah" is truly harrowing, and "Ballad of Cindy Sheehan" is a somber, poignant portrait of the activist, whose son was killed in Iraq: "The sweetest light shines from a child's eyes/Take it away, there's a void/That's why I gave up my heart and my home/To testify against this cruel war."
Kirwan's vocals are often closer to yelping than singing, and the band as a whole often shows more heart than imagination. But if these songs were more polished, perhaps they would be less powerful.
Download this: "Ballad of Fallujah"
-- Jay Lustig

Country, funky jazz - and Celtic rock among new CD releases | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/04/2008
March 4, 2008
WHEN IRISH EYES ARE FROWNING: A fire-breathing, clench-fisted, rabble-rousing spirit fuels both Celtic traditional music and punk rock. So combining the two styles makes for quite the incendiary device, in the explosive work of the Los Angeles-based band Flogging Molly on "Float" (SideOne Dummy, B) and New York's Black 47 on "Iraq" (United For Opportunity, B+). Both feature Irish front men, and both touch on contemporary concerns, with the latter offering an unrelenting assault on the Iraq war as seen through the eyes of Western troops on the battlefront. I wish the Black 47 gang had managed to work in some Middle Eastern sonic flavor, too. But "Downtown Baghdad Blues" (integrating the traditional Irish tune "The Moreen") and "Stars and Stripes" (oddly jumping off "Sloop John B") are rich examples of cultural co-mingling.

Amie Street Music for March 4th, 2008

Amie Street
Songs from the Front Lines
Released today, Iraq is the devastatingly outspoken new album from Irish-American rock band Black 47. Written from the perspective of their fans who have served in Iraq, the album portrays both the tragedies of war and the hope for a better future. Black 47 have always taken pride in keeping in touch with their audience, and early versions of these songs sent abroad have already become troop favorites. Iraq was selected as a critic's pick by senior editor David Fricke for the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, and will hopefully bring some substance back to the pop charts.
Celtic / Rock
Iraq Black 47
  • Music Review: Black 47 - Iraq
  • Bearclaw
  • Larry Kirwan on FOX & Friends - FOXNews.com
    FOX & Friends - FOXNews.com After playing The World Cafe in Philly the night before, we stayed up all night to be at the Fox studio in NYC at 5 am to play live on Fox & [Friends].
  • Studio 360: Stop-Loss, Black 47, Stew National Guard Captain Padraic Lilly related to Black 47's music instantly. When bandleader Larry Kirwan started hearing from soldiers like Lilly, their experiences fed a new batch of songs about the Iraq war. But Black 47's anti-war message doesn't sit well with all of its fans. Produced by Trent Wolbe.
  • 3/29/2008 Roxbury Theater Flyer
    3/29/2008 Great theater, great crowd, great gig.
  • PLAYBACK:stl - SEE THE LIGHT - Black 47 | Iraq (United For Opportunity)
  • Donegal Saloon Kearny NJ 4/12/2008
    Donegal Saloon Kearny NJ 4/12/2008
  • RAYSREALM: A Current Day Classic  BLACK 47 – “Iraq” CD ’08
  • Black 47 - Downtown Baghdad Blues. FMTV Live Ep 31 Video Jamie Lamm used to run this very cool show called Fearless Music (FearlessMusic.com). He's a bass player who played on a Copernicus tour that Hammy and I were on.
  • Tour of Ireland 2009 Join Black 47 Live as they play on their 2oth anniversity (PDF)
  • Duggan vs Paulson Article from The Irish Echo
  • Dropkick Murphys backstage pass House of Blues Boston
    We opened for The Dropkick Murphys at the House of Blues Boston for two nights, 3/15-16/2009. The first night, Mark Lind opened for us. The second night Stigma opened. I've known Vinny Stigma (guitar) since he began with Agnostic Front in the early 80's when they rehearsed at Giant. After Stigma finished their set, the Dropkick's tour manager told us to go on 15 minutes late and do an hour set instead of the 40 minute set we were contracted for. Apparently Ken Casey, the Dropkick's bass player was in the hospital and they needed extra time to get him out for the gig.
    And of course no Tour would be complete without the "Typed Sheet" or as the band likes to call it, The Book of Lies.
  • May 24, 2009 East Durham Irish Festival
    May 24, 2009
    After 7 weeks off, which we haven't done in 20 years, the band played a slammin' gig at the E. Durham Irish Festival. Joe was absent doing another gig so we had Sean Tierney on Pipes. He did a great job for his first Black 47 show. Bearclaw was on his honeymoon so Ginz filled in on the bass. The Reggae tune "Three Little Birds" was pumpin'. Then it was back to the Blackthorne for a 1:00 AM show. All in all it was a great double-header day.
  • Green Suede Shoes video by Thomas Uncles Fri 6/12/2009 Last night of The Knitting Factory - Opening band was Shilelagh Law
  • Times Union 7/11/2009 outdoor gig in Albany NY on the river
    7/11/2009 outdoor gig in Albany NY on the river
  • The Blackthorne Resort's Labor Day Weekend 2009 We played "The Wedding Reel" and "Long Hot Summer Comin On" for the first time on Friday (9/4/2009). We're set to record those and 10 other new songs for a new album on Sept. 23.
  • 9/5/2009 Newport Irish Festival
    Newport Irish Festival men dancing While Joe drank Bacardi Big Apple rum all day in the van ride from The Blackthorne to The Newport RI Irish Festival, Joey 'knobs' was learning his new effects box. Here's the culmination of that day (9/5/2009)
  • I met Tommy Meares, the trombone player who was subbing in Funktion 11, the band that was on before us.
    He has started and is Vice-Chairman of a Non-Profit Corporation called the "Irish-American Cultural Exchange".
  • connollys pub and restaurant - HOME
    12/12/2009 The last gig of 2009 before New Years was at Connollys. It was a great crowd and a great gig. Dan Boujoulian was there video taping for his new web site called visualnoiz. Baby Monroe sat in on Fire of Freedom. We played Bankers and Gansters, the title track of the album which comes out March 2010. After the gig, Joe Mulvanerty hosted the after-glow party. This week's subject was "F$$k the Holidays". In attendence was a band called Lily Sparks.
  • Jersey City Irish Festival 9/25/2010
    Jersey City's Tapestry of Nations Irish Festival on the Hudson at Exchange Place 9/25/2010
  • Town Hall Clinton MA 2/26/2011
    Each member of the band was awarded a shillelagh by an official of the Leprechaun Society of Clinton Massachsetts. Thanks to all for a great gig at the Town Hall on 2/26/2011
  • Richard Lloyd played with a power trio right before us. Great guitarist! It was really good hanging with so many musicians I have known in New York over the years. We even had Caligula aka. Frank Gallagher doing sound. What a treat.
  • Ongo | What our critics are listening to 6/11/2011 ROCHESTER, NY INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FEST
  • The Westcott Theater Syracuse NY 6/10/2011
    6/10/2011The Westcott Theater in Syracuse NY is an old theater that sounds great for live music. The Limerick Pub in downtown Syracuse invited the whole band for a drink after the gig. I hooked up with my friend Dennis Heaphy there for a couple. He's the repair man for the Statue of Liberty.
  • The Westcott Theater Syracuse NY 6/10/2011
    9/17/2011 15th Annual Irish 2000 Music & Arts Festival at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds - The Glengarry Bhoys went on right before us.
  • Knickerbocker Cafe Westerly RI 3/2/2012
    March 2, 2012
    The Knickerbocker Cafe Westerly RI - Great food, great sound, great staff, great venue, great Friday

    Hammy holding the Knickerbocker Cafe poster.

  • 3/18/2012 New York City Half Marathon NYC at 10:00 am
    March 18, 2012 New York City Half Marathon NYC at 10:00 am
    All Access pass
  • Friday July 13th, 2012 Black 47 and Dave Mason at Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY at the Great South Bay Festival in Long Island.
    Friday July 13th, 2012 we opened for Dave Mason in Shorefront Park, Patchogue, NY at the Great South Bay Festival in Long Island.

    Great South Bay Music Festival

  • 7/15/2012 Brunswick, ME Saltwater Celtic Music Festival - Met the best Harpist I've heard in a long time - Maeve Gilchrist. And the best vocal group performance of the year award goes to the Screaming Orphands arrangement of The Jacket's Green.
  • Flood City Festival Johnston PA 8/3/2012
    8/3/2012 Flood City Festival Johnston, PA
  • Dublin Ohio Irish Festival Laminate 2012
    8/4-5/2012 The Dublin Irish Festival celebrated it's 25th year. We played two days on the rock stage right before The Elders from Kansas City. The first time we played here was 1997.
  • Towne Crier Cafe, Pawling NY
    Friday 8/17/2012 The Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, NY is a great club which looks like a Mexican restaurant from the outside but feels like home on the inside. Nenad Bach was the opening band. He hung out with us in the green room telling stories of gigs in Croatian. Very funny man with a great hat.
  • Towne Crier Cafe with Geoff Blythe, Nenad Bach, Vic Zimet, Larry Kirwan Geoff Blythe, Nenad Bach, Vic Zimet, Larry Kirwan
  • Hunter Mountain Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY
    Saturday 8/18/2012 We did two sets at Hunter Mountain Festival.
    Video Drum break in James Connolly.
    Video Last minute of Funky Ceili.
  • 9/8/2012 Black 47 at the South Buffalo Irish Festival
    9/8/2012 South Buffalo Irish Festival is the biggest free Irish Festival in the country. The Town Pants went on after us.
  • Red Bank NJ Guinness Oyster Festival All Access Pass
    Sunday 9/23/2012 A perfect day to play outside. Christine Martucci played before us. More info on the Red Bank Guinness Oyster Festival Presented by the Asbury Park Press Facebook page.
  • Great Hunger Museum, Quinnipiac University Hampden, CT All Access Pass
    Friday 9/28/2012 Black 47 opened for the Dropkick Murphys at Quinnipiac University in Hampden, CT for the opening celebration of the Great Hunger Museum.

    Black 47 at Quinnipiac University in Hampden, CT on 9/28/2012

  • Celtic Festival Black 47 with St. Louis Irish Arts 11/3/2012
    Saturday 11/3/2012 The Blanche M Touhill Performing Arts Center is a wonderful theater inside the University of Missouri - St. Louis campus
  • - Podcast# 68, 999 Years of Irish History (part 1) Famous Irish battles and modern-day songs
  • Dropkick Murphys artist pass for Boston TD Garden show on 3/15/2013
    Friday 3/15/2013 We opened for The Dropkick Murphys at the Boston Garden. Also opening on the main stage were The Mahones and Old Man Markley while Old Brigade and Sun Cooked played on the side stage.

    Boston Garden loading in the gear Boston Garden sound check Boston Garden crowd Black 47 Boston Garden 2013

  • Backstage pass for B.B. King Blues Club & Grill show on 3/16/2013
    Saturday 3/16/2013 B.B. King Blues Club & Grill St Patrick's Day show
    Saturday 3/16/2013 B.B. King Blues Club & Grill St Patrick's Day show

  • That cold autumn day when I went away to Shannon and on to the US of A, I'll never forget that look in your eyes when I hugged and kissed you and bid you goodbye. When I looked at you knowing that I had to ho it's a pain that I'd pray that you never would know, And you were too young still to understand why soneone who loved you could bid you goodbye. Wherever I wander, wherever I stray, there's a peice of me now that forever will stay. It's the part of my heart that is locked away and stays with you forever.
    Sunday May 19, 2013 Tribute to Ray Kelly, the lead singer for The Mickey Finns.
    Sunday May 19, 2013 Tribute to Ray Kelly, the lead singer for The Mickey Finns.
  • East Durham, NY Irish Festival Memorial Day Weekend 2013
    Saturday May 25, 2013 East Durham Irish Festival
    First of a double-header on a cold and rainy night.
  • Saturday May 25, 2013 Midnight show at The Blackthorne - video by Michael O'Connor
    Saturday May 25, 2013 Midnight show at The Blackthorne - video by Michael O'Connor
  • Boston Irish Festival 2013 logo
    June 8,2013 Perfect weather to play outside at The Boston Irish Festival in Canton, MA. Great gig, super people, and all and all a great festival. Before us were the amazing SEARSON my new favorite band. Before them was The American Rogues who were off to Michigan that night for the Orion Music + More Festival the next day at Belle Isle, Detroit, MI.
  • Fran's Pub New hope PA
    Saturday June 15, 2013 Fran's Pub in New Hope, PA. The weather was perfect and Main St was teeming. What a parade, everyone people watching and being watched at the same time. Joseph did an amazing solo flute version of Blind Mary. And has it really been two years since we played 'Her Dear Old Donegal/Sleep Tight in New York City' live? It was one of those gigs where you could feel the audience connecting. Thanks New Hope, hope to see you again soon.
  • Saturday September 7, 2013 South Buffalo Irish Fest at Cazenovia Park - The Reels (Fermoy Lasses)
    Saturday September 7, 2013 South Buffalo Irish Fest at Cazenovia Park - The Reels (Fermoy Lasses)
  • Saturday September 7, 2013 South Buffalo Irish Fest at Cazenovia Park - Encore (Gloria) with Andrew Sharpe subbing on Pipes
    Saturday September 7, 2013 South Buffalo Irish Fest at Cazenovia Park - Encore (Gloria)
    Notice Andrew Sharpe subbing on Pipes
  • Black 47 Last Call